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First TimeI have finally resolved myself to the fact that I am, unfortunately, not going to be able to attend the ANE/AVN Expo this year in Las Vegas. Normally I attend but financially I am not able to this year. I have stomped my feet, kicked some old people and contemplated prostitution but today realized…. there is no way. With the pass and hotel, not even counting food and drink (lol, drink.. like I would buy my own drink. Dressing slutty has some perks). I am bummed and frustrated. We all know I do not deal well with failure and even though this is a normal “life” thing, it makes me mad and disappointed.

We all know I try to desperately find a positive in every life experience so I have decided to now attempt to get NAMM tickets. I know I will be miserable if I don’t try (bucket list). SO!! DOES ANYBODY HAVE ANYWAY TO GET @ NAMM PASSES? It is a surprise birthday gift for my friend but I also REALLY want to for me. I have never been but  need to. i just forget all the time to  the most outrageous and inappropriate clothing around. Vulgar t-shirts, sexy boy shorts for women, adult clothing, sexy product reviews and more! Cum in an look around! How about a Meat Inspector T-Shirt, or a Dirty Little Freak Tank Top? Shop Now!



 Upload a video of you interviewing someone, drunk, or you drunk, or you demonstrating something, anything that fits TheAssGirl image, to YouTube and send me the link! I will, as a special thank you send you a free TAG TV t-shirt! Yep! You heard me right! Free shirt! With the logo you see above. I will take care of the shipping. No cost to you! Obviously, I would love it to be funny and/or educational. Stick with the theme of my sites.   It could be you having a rant about  the straight shit on relationships, what really pisses you off or gets you off, discuss a new fetish, possibly a demo of a toy/talent, etc..





This is California, Southern California, Orange County California… Appearance is something we take a lot of pride in. We want to look good, we want to feel good and we will work for it. Any new health fads, start here. Yes it is superficial, yes it is absurd but it is what it is. Some embrace it, some accept it and some hate it. I embrace it. To me it is just playing dress up with my face. The confusing part that I  don’t understand. What is up with the denial? The secrets? Who cares! Not I! Said the woman who had the best luck trying it out at  I admit it!  I got 2 syringes of Juviderm and 10 units of Botox. Not all at once and I love it. I love the doctors and would/will recommend it to everyone!!




Fresch Electric Bikes in Huntington Beach… Thank you! Tell them TheAssGirl sent you and you will get an amazing deal (discount) Woo! Hoo!‎

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