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First Time


Hello to all the gorgeous, amazing, inspiring , women who to me, represent my brand image. The take no prisoners hot bitches that drive men crazy.  These men want them so bad they can’t stop thinking about them. Hello to those boys who are trying to figure how they can capture one of these “wild Mustangs” and make them their own. It is possible. I don’t have all the answers and the answers I do have are made up in my disillusioned brain. I will say that a big issue is that these boys make one huge mistake. They try to tame this “Wild Mustang“. See you aren’t supposed to do that. Like any wild horse, you try and make them do something it will come out kicking. She will do that along with mind fucking you so much so won’t even know if you are awake or dreaming.  You will end up on the other side of the door. I think the most important thing that I can share with you, that hopefully (if you can calm your hard on down. Try and go jump in the snow. Find a way that will help you think clearly. Now listen real close…..These priceless women.. There is a reason they are so strong and independent.  It usually isn’t by choice. At some point in there life, they had to be. Instead of trying to tame that Mustang, try and get to the core of how she got there. That is the key!

Wild Mustang

Take a peak, better yet BUY! the most outrageous and inappropriate clothing around. Vulgar t-shirts, sexy boy shorts for women, adult clothing, onesies, sexy product reviews and more! Cum in an look around! How about a Meat Inspector T-Shirt, or a Dirty Little Freak Tank Top? Shop Now!



 Upload a video of you interviewing someone, drunk, or you drunk, or you demonstrating something, anything that fits TheAssGirl image, to YouTube and send me the link! I will, as a special thank you send you a free TAG TV t-shirt! Yep! You heard me right! Free shirt! With the logo you see above. I will take care of the shipping. No cost to you! Obviously, I would love it to be funny and/or educational. Stick with the theme of my sites.   It could be you having a rant about  the straight shit on relationships, what really pisses you off or gets you off, discuss a new fetish, possibly a demo of a toy/talent, etc..



Fresch Electric Bikes in Huntington Beach… Thank you! Tell them TheAssGirl sent you and you will get an amazing deal (discount) Woo! Hoo!‎

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