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Check out these chicks. Lean in and take a close look at them. See them? They are kick ass! Endless energy and a zest for life that no amount of prozac can compete with. We have my forever dedicated Vanessa, my soulmate, my other half, my muse, Naughty Nancy (no one can make me laugh like she can!) and our newbie, Christina, who fit right in, like a virgin having sex with a guy with a teeny, tiny penis. Separately, everything is so much work but together.. a huge bar tab! That is one of the best parts, along with being able to take whatever is thrown at them and never take it personally. That’s what we do.. It’s how we roll. It’s how it should be.

Welcome to TheAssGirl!

Welcome to TheAssGirl!

Some of the most outrageous and inappropriate clothing around. Vulgar t-shirts, sexy boy shorts for women, adult clothing, sexy product reviews and more! Cum in an look around! How about a Meat Inspector T-Shirt, or a Dirty Little Freak Tank Top? Shop Now!

Do you need some party favors for a bachelorette party?  We’ve got the goods.

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I have created a nightmare! Better yet Fresch Electric has. My kid, who hates to exercise and rarely goes outside… prefers to work the computer! Well guess what??

He wants an electric bike now. He loved it! He will ride it everyday to school. Kids who never gave him the time of day spoke to him. He received many envious glances. For him, not having any friends at school, it made going to school not so horrible. I saw his face light up which I haven’t in a long time. His self-esteem got a boost. He didn’t even realize that he was actually getting some exercise.

Great! Now I am trying to figure out how can I swing one.

OMG! I found perfection!

Fresch Electric Bikes in Huntington Beach… Thank you! Tell them TheAssGirl sent you and you will get an amazing deal (discount) Woo! Hoo!‎‎‎

Having fun? Consider donating or purchasing some raunchy clothing to help us support Autism.

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