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IV For Life… Improve Your Health, Your Life. Liposomal Glutathione. Contact Me

IV for Life

Liposomal Glutathione

Say that really fast five times.. Ya, I couldn’t either. It took me awhile to be able to easily pronounce it but I memorized it. Why?

This is the ONLY product I have ever tried that works and does what it says. I was asked to do a review. I expected nothing. One . . . → Read More: IV For Life… Improve Your Health, Your Life. Liposomal Glutathione. Contact Me

Massage By Juliana – Mention TheAssGirl for a DEAL!


I carry a lot of tension. I mean my shoulders and neck are tighter than a virgin’s vagina. It’s just where I carry my stress.

My birthday was approaching so I decided to go big. Yes big! I bought a Living Social voucher for a massage, a deep tissue massage. I prefer them. For some . . . → Read More: Massage By Juliana – Mention TheAssGirl for a DEAL!


Giving Finger

MY FAVORITE THINGS OF 2012 No explanation necessary here. Everyone knows I love the place and the people. Nuff said. Almost every day a new pair of shoes. Great prices. It’s my bedtime story before I go to sleep. I just admire the pics and blissfully close my eyes. Biker Warehouse..I couldn’t . . . → Read More: MY FAVORITE THINGS OF 2012

Blog to Check Out!


I’ve been enjoying this blog. She captures the fun in riding and mentioned me in one.

Yes! I got stoked! She thought it was hilarious. I must quote:

…..The assgirl booth is HILARIOUS!! Everything you’ve ever secretly thought but never said out loud (and some even too risqué for me to repeat) screenprinted on t . . . → Read More: Blog to Check Out!

All Star Mobile Detail

All Star Mobile Detailing

Complete Car Detailing Lic #041665

Contact: Angel (he is also the owner)


When I bought my trailer, it needed a good wax and buff. I removed all the stickers but it still needed more. I went through craigslist, making sure to cross reference with Yelp and other review sites. This one . . . → Read More: All Star Mobile Detail

Forge Onward Anti-Bullying Animal Rescue



For those who don’t know (most!) there is a little more to my story. I have intentionally kept my home life private. One thing that TheAssGirl is about is encouraging people to stop stereotyping. You will notice those are the groups . . . → Read More: Forge Onward Anti-Bullying Animal Rescue

Orange Coast Computers & Recycling

orange coast sign

If you follow my facebook than you know my computer problems are beyond the norm. Actually nothing is normal in my circle. Anyways.. Orange Coast Computers has been my lifesaver! They are conveniently located in Huntington Beach.

They haven’t ran away when I get a little intimidating. They get just as frustrated as I . . . → Read More: Orange Coast Computers & Recycling

Fresch Electric Bikes‎

Fresch Electric Bikes in Huntington Beach… Thank you! Tell them TheAssGirl sent you and you will get an amazing deal (discount) Woo! Hoo

21206 Beach Blvd

Huntington Beach, CA



11 am – 4 pm


Amazing customer service! Always able to fix any issues. New stock is badass!

. . . → Read More: Fresch Electric Bikes


Ya, I am posting on TheAssGirl about who I recommend for screens. What is wrong with that? I had two screens broke and one of the cats got out. It scared me. Coyotes would feast on her. All of the ones I called had to come and get the doors and screens, take them with . . . → Read More: