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Giving Finger

MY FAVORITE THINGS OF 2012 No explanation necessary here. Everyone knows I love the place and the people. Nuff said. Almost every day a new pair of shoes. Great prices. It’s my bedtime story before I go to sleep. I just admire the pics and blissfully close my eyes. Biker Warehouse..I couldn’t . . . → Read More: MY FAVORITE THINGS OF 2012

Soliciting You All | Booth for Next ANE/AVN Expo

It's Official



Here I go.. It’s a another month and I’m still climbing that mountain. Mountain? Yes..that mountain to get to the top so I can get the pot of gold! Okay! Okay! I know that is supposed to be a rainbow but I live in California and it hardly ever rains. Could . . . → Read More: Soliciting You All | Booth for Next ANE/AVN Expo

Adult Novelty Expo


While at the Adult Novelty Expo in Vegas I received alot of requests to review products. Samples were being offered to me left and right. We all know I will try anything once and the idea of a breath spray to get your libido in overdrive? Well how could I not?? The only catch..I agreed . . . → Read More: Adult Novelty Expo

Semen taste yucky?


One of my favorite things about the ANE/AVN is always the samples. I found this product pretty intriguing. The concept is good, bad tasting semen. This could be a problem for someone. They work like those breath strips. You peel the thin piece, place it on your tongue and it melts. Upon semen release it . . . → Read More: Semen taste yucky?

The Dildo Dr.

Great Promotional Products

There I was driving to Vegas when I see this truck. I laugh hysterically and snap a picture. Imagine, my car with TheAssGirl magnets driving beside a truck with The Dildo Dr. on it. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Talking to the Dildo Dr. was much more informative than you would think. I . . . → Read More: The Dildo Dr.

AVN / ANE Expo 2014 in Las Vegas! Booth 1712!


I am going big this year. Everyone has seen me at this event, handing out freebies, promoting, drinking, dancing, promoting, drinking… It was time for the big leap. This year TheAssGirl will have a booth and be selling product in The Joint. I started with a table but a booth became available so I grabbed . . . → Read More: AVN / ANE Expo 2014 in Las Vegas! Booth 1712!

PRIDE Lubricant

Lubricant for The Cause

Lubricant for the Cause by Nature Labs LLC


When I was at the ANE/AVN Expo this year, I loved checking out all the products and wanted one of everything. One of the things in particular I wanted to explore were the products geared towards gay men. It seems like most of the websites . . . → Read More: PRIDE Lubricant

Eye Of Love.. Pheromone Parfum for Men & Women


I have tested a lot of pheromone products out there. Some of them were horrible, some of them were okay. A couple, when it’s the only thing I can find, I have worn. Unfortunately, at no point, did I get chased down by the masses. Somewhat disappointing but I was okay with it. I live . . . → Read More: Eye Of Love.. Pheromone Parfum for Men & Women