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AVN / ANE Expo 2014 in Las Vegas! Booth 1712!

AEE-carousel-slideI am going big this year. Everyone has seen me at this event, handing out freebies, promoting, drinking, dancing, promoting, drinking… It was time for the big leap. This year TheAssGirl will have a booth and be selling product in The Joint. I started with a table but a booth became available so I grabbed it. Scary but exciting. What do I have to lose? What have I been working for? This is it! I am making this my chance and I am going to take it. Shit.. I was stoked just seeing my name on the exhibitor list!

Every night, I keep working on the heat press, killing my shoulder, making more shirts and boy shorts. Full throttle! Thanks to everyone who have supported me from the start. You are the people I cherish most and will always be appreciated. I am also going to be at the AVN Awards cheering every one on so I am off to buy some more badass heels! Watch out world… cause I am not settling for anything less than success!

I wonder if everyone’s favorite, Naughty Nancy, will stop by?? Talk about shaking things up! ;)

Everyone Loves Naughty Nancy!

Everyone Loves Naughty Nancy!

If you feel like stopping by, you can go and check out the website for more information.

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