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Ladies First! Where Are Your Manners!

Friends Forever

Friends Forever

There is something that female friendships can bring to your life that no other can. Why is that? Why can’t a man fill that void? If you say you have one that does, you are wrong. I am not sure if it’s the idea that they can really identify with anything you go through, or is it that they say the things you need to hear.. could it be they just love the rollercoaster and you are keeping it fun when it gets boring.
I am the first person to say I don’t trust women. They can be the best and the worst. The ability to plan ahead and anticipate what will cause a reaction is quite genius. When I see a man being convicted of a crime.. it’s of course, what an idiot. If I see a woman, I am genuinely surprised. I just give them that credit to see all the possibilities and prepare for them and all the disasters. Perhaps that is where our fault is. If we just did something to get one result, believing it will be in our favor, put very little thought to it, maybe this would work out well for us. Make everything simpler. For example, instead of looking at you, when you say you are going outside, and seeing you first walk to your phone and state I don’t need this but you then lock it. If we could accomplish a one track mind and believed what people actually said, we would think this wasn’t a big deal. This is not how the woman’s mind works. We see it as.. why is he locking his phone? He is probably lying but he doesn’t want me to know he’s lying so he is leaving it inside. I could probably figure out the code. I’m sure it’s one he uses on most accounts. What if the light is on when he comes in? Then he will know I was checking his phone. He always brings his phone outside. Why isn’t he right now? It must be a set up. He is testing me to see if I go through his phone. Boy oh boy, he underestimates me. I won’t check the phone. I do however feel that maybe something on his phone will tell me something and that’s why he is making a big deal (in the female mind) about it. I can check it when he takes a shower. They take awhile because most, unlike women, take care of more than just washing their hair. Usually this is where they brush their teeth… work on their morning wood, and my least favorite, clean out their nose. I detest that. Yes, we can’t see it but we can hear it. I just can’t understand why this can’t happen with kleenex or when I am out of the room. It’s like checking out your belly button and pulling out lint in front of the one you love. It’s gross.

I wonder if that’s why men can’t replace that girlfriend place. They don’t see a difference between nice and sweet, rude or bitch, built or fat.. Our girlfriends do. They also notice every haircut, every new pair of shoes, weight loss even if it is just a few pounds. They will be able to tell by looking at our face if it is something they have been concerned about. This is why I get confused with those women, and their are a lot of them, blow off their friends when they meet a man. I like to associate it with age but when it happens when they are older, I am like.. You are out!

Your closest girlfriends need to be cherished. I know it feels like there is an endless supply of them but there isn’t… especially ones you can tolerate. They can listen to you when you PMS and are the biggest bitch, they see that embarrassing pimple you try to hide.. they see you in the morning when you wake up. It ain’t pretty. Like any relationship, I think it should be nurtured and appreciated. It really is one of the most important means of support you will need to lean on.

Why am I bringing this up? Perhaps it’s the superbowl but I say I think we need to schedule a weekly or bi-weekly girlfriends gathering. Give each other the love and laughter we need, and they are the only ones crazy enough to understand why you are concerned that your boyfriend went outside.

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