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Why TheAssGirl? Stats

Basic CMYK



Website…  Approximately 1500 + new users per month

Facebook …  Diana Simon Page   4,352 “friends”

Facebook …  TheAssGirl Page   2,670 likes

LinkedIn …   1,891 Connections           1,885 Followers

Twitter …  8,883 Connections

Instagram …  18,800 Connections

59% Men                                Top Demographic Age …  25-34 year’s old

41% Women                          Second Demographic Age … 35-44 year’s old

Television Appearances            Bravo TV  Newlyweds Season 3     (Multiple Episodes)

Podcast Interviews                 Playboy Radio    Michael and Holli

Events I Sponsor              Hedonism in Jamaica with Playful Pussycats                 Cooks Corners   World Famous Biker Bar

Videos I Made Products For              Workout’s A Drag


Well-Known Industry Who Wear My Products To Red Carpet Events, Performances, TV Episodes,

Public Interviews and Podcasts

Storm Large

Brandon Liberati   Bravo TV

Craig Ramsey Bravo TV

Andy Cohen

Amber Rose

Dr. Tabasum Mir   Bravo TV

Brandi Melville     Real Housewives O.C.

Billy Morrison    Billy Idol

Ron Jeremy

The Viper Room    Sunset Strip

The Roxy Theater   Sunset Strip

Whisky Go-Go   Sunset Strip

Rainbow   Sunset Strip

Burlesque Performers Con-Sensual   LA Based

Holli & Michael    Playboy Radio

Tricia Cruz   Producer at Playboy Radio

Chuck Wright   Quiet Riot

AVN/ANE Expo and Awards

And Many More!


TheAssGirl has a brand image. Strong and fearless. Shows no shame and lives each day to the fullest. It is not a persons place to judge. Everyone is not how they seem. You cannot assume. I try to provide them with a look at some things that will make them laugh, answer questions they are afraid to ask, tell the truth, encourage them to make themselves happy because nobody else will. Put it all out there.

I never give a positive review unless I have tried it and it works.

I always promote. There is never a day I am not wearing my products and there is never a day I am not letting everyone in on what is a great deal and/or product.

I regularly post on my social media and am constantly working on increasing my exposure. Excellent customer service ratings on orders.


If you would like more information about this, please contact Diana Simon at

21851 Newland Street

Huntington Beach, California


or email at



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