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TAG TV LogoCatch up on the latest from TheAssGirl. What’s Naughty Nancy up to now? Watch As TheAssGirl visits some exciting locations, too.

  • You Better Watch Your Back

    This cracked me up. This guy was just walking by and got tackled by this woman. He had no idea she was coming for him. He tried to get out of it but sadly she was kicking his ass. The big question is did he get hot and bothered from it because she did. Do you want to play fight?


  • We Are Just TheAssGirl! We just have fun!

    This guy states he is a man’s man. He rides a motorcycle. There ain’t nothing gentle about him. He was a tad nervous about being filmed which was interesting but the girls pointed out that we are just here to have fun so he rolled with it. The big question is if a woman wanted him to be submissive, would this man’s man agree to it


  • QUICK! Spit or Swallow?

    We are at Cooks Corner interviewing the crowd during the annual Ladies Who Ride event.  A fantastic crowd who is having a blast. Can we do a little interview? Okay but answer with the first thing that pops up in your mind. Does this lady surprise her friends with her answer? Do they agree?


  • Bad One Night Stand

    At Cooks Corner TheAssGirl team interviews these hot ladies on how to get out of a sticky situation. One is married but can recall back in the day how she would handle it. Her friend, not married, knows how to handle it easily. What would they do?


  • Flogging Lesson Anyone?

    This guy I found entertaining. He was like a recruiter who was stoked to show you the ropes and teach you the proper method to flog. He obviously, is a professional. The patience he had and encyclopedia of knowledge on techniques was pretty impressive.. 


  • You Will Bend Over!

    Everyone wants to try something new. It may be a perfect fit or it may not. Watch this man throw himself in the ring to try out just a little tap on the ass. Can he handle it? Notice how you hear me talking about my shoes and where I buy them (they should give me a discount) and what I get asked by people while I film.


  • Could there still be romantic men out there?

    Determined to find out what we are dealing with out there in the world, we dare to ask the question of best sex and worst sex. Will this cutie pie be straight with us or dish out the shit? Tough one.

  • Worst Sex Ever from a Woman’s Perspective!

    You know there are times men think they are the smoothest. They think they have the best lines, best moves and nothing can stop them. Well this lady is here to tell you what most of us would say if given the chance, are you ready for it?

  • Thank You Mistress!

    This is me checking out the lair at the AVN/ANE Expo in Las Vegas 2013. This was one of my favorite moments. This guy had no idea what he was getting into but with his buddies nudging him along and probably a few drinks….he did. Watch Mistress punish him to the point where I think, he gets a little peeved but she isn’t budging. You better say what she wants or else she will spank you harder. It was fun hearing him scream.

  • Oh No! A Scorpio!

    TheAssGirl team has been hitting the crowd hard and stops this man. He is a hard read and difficult to see if we are annoying him. He mentions that he is a Scorpio which brings an interesting turn of events. 


  • Naughty Nancy Giving Free Spankings

    Naughty Nancy is a hands on interviewer. She puts herself in the position of the person she in speaking to (literally) and is more than willing to give it a go. Will Naughty Nancy at AVN/ANE give this lady a hard one or a gentle one? 




  • Naughty Nancy gets a flogging

    He may remind her of Braveheart but taking a closer look, not happening!  If only he could recite the speech he makes in front of all the men. One of Nancy’s fantasies could come true. He didn’t know the speech. He did give her a counter offer. Listen to the sound very carefully. You can feel the sting.


  • Check that Ass wearing TheAssGirl

    Just try and take your eyes away from her amazing ass. For a moment you may notice the tinge of red color on her butt cheeks from being “punished” . He even brought out the big guns. She took it like… well not a man if you saw the other videos. He screamed like a girl. She took it like no one else.  Naughty Nancy is one of my kind.


  • I don’t need a whip, I got this!

    Naughty Nancy never likes a crutch and she doesn’t want to be predictable. Yes.. using a flog, whipping someone, tying them up.. that can be fun but what if she is caught in a situation where her toys aren’t quickly accessible. She doesn’t want to miss the moment. We have a man walking up to her, wanting her to discipline him, what does she do?



  • How Naughty is she?

    The nurse in this video starts using tactile sensations to warm Nancy up. You will notice that there are quite a few people filming Nancy and interviewing her. She always draws a crowd. It’s obvious that the nurse is having fun so she makes a move that is a little more intimate.. under Naughty Nancy’s shirt. Will Nan be okay with this?


  • Naughty Nancy meet Naughtier Nurse

    This contraption is not what I used when I played doctor. This thing is wild. The nurse, as all good nurses do, put Nancy at ease while she bound her feet and wrists. With no idea what is coming next, Naughty Nancy goes along with everything. What will the nurse do after Nancy is stuck? Will she like it?

    AGAIN.. sorry for the crooked filming. I think he was drinking heavily.

  • Professional Cock Carver

    TheAssGirl loves everything outside the norm. Watch Naughty Nancy talk to this professional who is able to carve cocks/penis’ out of the most crazy things. Marble.. wood.. cement.. stone.. everything.  No matter how big you want it.. or small. See which one Naughty Nancy prefers to play with.


  • Naughty Nancy is all tied up!

    Yes.. Once you attend one of these events you will be exposed to things you have never seen before. Nothing fifty shades of grey here! Hence, validating my opinion that the book is not really S & M. I guess it’s like the kindergarten of S & M. This looks uncomfortable. How does Nancy feel?

    I would also like to apologize for the sideways views.. My camera man seemed to get confused.




  • A Man With Rope and A Plan

    This guy will blow your mind. His talent at tying ropes/bondage is bad ass. The knots, the train of thought that is required to do all of it is cray cray. Watch Naughty Nancy experience it first hand and not even flinch. This is all for real. I can assure you of that. I saw the rope marks on her back at the end of the day! Ouch!


  • How about Girl on Girl?

    Watch Naughty Nancy find just as much enjoyment spanking a woman. See all the men…. watching her….. they start to form a line, waiting… in hopes of having a turn. Does she give them a chance? Always promoting TheAssGirl and getting the job done. 

  • Nancy explains TheAssGirl

    Could I really be considered a poet? a teacher? Well I am not so sure about that but Naughty Nancy and this lady definitely have an opinion!

  • Naughty Nancy and Hollywood

    What will Nancy do for Hollywood? Is it a dream or is she seriously wanting to jump on the opportunity? There is only one way to find out!

  • Day out with uncle and Naughty Nancy

    First year at Ladies Who Ride, visiting her uncle, she is from Hawaii. Do you think she will be back in 2014? A thong is a very practical souvenir!

  • Naughty Nancy shows her teeth in this interview

    Together 7 years and married for 3. This just goes to show you that there are others out there who like to use their teeth for a lot more than biting!

  • Naughty Nancy at Ladies Who Ride 2013

    This sweet fellow seemed pretty calm checking out the shirt Naughty Nancy gave him as a free gift. Might be hard to choice which lady in his life will appreciate it.

  • Naughty Nancy on the move for

    I have a feeling when Ann & Joe decided to stop, have a cold one and enjoy the day… They were not expecting Naughty Nancy and her antics. I wonder if they can handle it?


  • Naughty Nancy.. Beer vs. Dick

    Be careful boys if you are sensitive about your size. This isn’t meant to offend you. It is just a statement. I wonder if these ladies agree?

  • Naughty Nancy gets down with the get down!

    When Sara stopped near the portopotties, I doubt she was expecting some free panties but appreciated the oral advice given to her beau. They all need a little sometimes.


  • Naughty Nancy interviews at Ladies Who Ride 1013

    It’s always wonderful to meet a seemingly happy married couple. Naturally Naughty Nancy had to find out why. What was their secret? What was their #1 priority?

  • Naughty Nancy and the Ladies

    It was girl time and everyone was down to chat. Naughty Nancy met another Nancy and they became fast friends but what was different about this Nancy, or were they actually the same?

  • TheAssGirl.. Don’t choke on the answers

    The best and most truthful answers are the first that pop out of your mouth immediately, without thinking. Is this lady being straight? Do her friends agree? Or are they too shocked by her answer to even process it all?

  • Have we gone too far? Watch and see?

    TheAssGirl is just starting to add “interviewer” to the list of occupations. Watching this first interview, there are a couple scary times where it looks like this guy is going to blow. Can the girls distract him and bring him back to his happy place?

  • Best “I Love You” eyes goes to this guy!

    TheAssGirl is asking the really serious questions. We are hoping for the least serious answers. It appears though that this good guy is on his best behavior enamored of this beautiful lady. Can he please keep a straight and honest looking face?

  • Is Naughty Nancy’s picker having a short?

    It doesn’t look like this woman was enjoying any of the talk and promoting of TheAssGirl. It seemed like she was just going to have none of it, even if her friends were laughing. Does she go along with her friends or make up her own mind?

  • Naughty Nancy’s new co-host?

    Call me crazy but it appears that this guy is awfully comfortable on camera. Has he hosted before? A news special? A work interview? Another kind of “video” gathering? You need to watch and see!

  • Did Naughty Nancy find a partner in crime?

    Well it looks like we have two peas in a pod here. Is this something to get excited about or nervous about? All I can say is the boy shorts came out to play as well!

  • Three guys and Naughty Nancy.. ??

    Never fearful, Naughty Nancy approaches 3 young studs enjoying refreshments at Ladies Who Ride 2013 and for a moment it looks like they may get the upper hand. It could be though, that the only thing the hands wanted to do was touch what they saw.

  • Two is always better than one! Said Naughty Nancy

    First there was one, then he brought over a friend. None of this bothered Naughty Nancy. This is where she excelled. The more the better. She always won everyone over and plugged TheAssGirl while she was doing it!

  • Two Best Female Friends.. Super Power!

    It’s never dangerous as a woman to approach two women who are laughing, drinking and smiling non-stop. It might be dangerous for a man to approach. Two can be better than one but when it is strong, gorgeous women.. tread carefully!

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