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Eye Of Love.. Pheromone Parfum for Men & Women

I have tested a lot of pheromone products out there. Some of them were horrible, some of them were okay. A couple, when it’s the only thing I can find, I have worn. Unfortunately, at no point, did I get chased down by the masses. Somewhat disappointing but I was okay with it. I live in high heels so an escape would be impossible.

While in Vegas I was checking out new products and I walked past a man who smelled good.. Okay, better than good. I stopped and checked out his booth. I know they carry a couple different items but the parfum sucked me in. I asked him if he was wearing the scent for men. He was! It was called ‘Confidence’. I was impressed, seriously! He then introduced me to the other scents available. There is a second one for men called ‘Romantic’. I like that they kept the names simple. This way men will be able to remember. They aren’t like women and write it down so they don’t forget.
I wondered about the womens. Some scents give me a headache so I was cautious and explained to him that I prefer musk. I tried ‘After Dark’ and that was it. Love it! It smells like it cost $200, but it doesn’t. Unfortunately, he had no samples of that one for me to snag, but he did give me ‘Morning Glow’. More fresh smelling which was wonderful. They also have ‘After Dark’ and ‘One Love’. Not one of them gave me a headache and with the pricing I would probably buy more than one. They also have a matching scented candle for each scent and spray which could make it a great gift set. I can’t say if the pheromone part works. I was surrounded by a lot of horny men but to me, if it smells nice, count me in. Anything over that is an awesome bonus.

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I will not say I like a product if I don’t and there’s a good chance you will disagree with me on reviews. All I am saying is if you see it in a store (ConRev), stop, and smell. You could be surprised. The company is and the line is called Eye of Love.

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