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Soliciting You All | Booth for Next ANE/AVN Expo



It's OfficialHere I go.. It’s a another month and I’m still climbing that mountain. Mountain? Yes..that mountain to get to the top so I can get the pot of gold! Okay! Okay! I know that is supposed to be a rainbow but I live in California and it hardly ever rains. Could it be due to my stubborn streak and/or the fact that I’m a pain in the ass (that was going to be the basis of September..the wonder over when things switched and it was my turn to be the pain in the ass…and why didn’t I derive as much pleasure from it as I should? Jealousy over their ability to take it like a champ? Who knows.. What I do know is the more the ropes are cut away and we are all straight with what brings us pleasure, the happier we will all be..especially when we are dealing with the crap in everyday life). Perhaps.. Who knows and who cares! I am enjoying a little bit of bliss right now. I hit 1200 + new hits this past month (most for me!) and got a letter from the government stating that my copyright went thru on my “Collection of Expressions”! So if I hear anyone running around, calling someone a Shit Jammer, you are sooooo gonna hear from my legal counsel! Ya right… AND I filed it and did it all by myself! Yep..even though they said I couldn’t!

Setting Up Booth for Next ANE/AVN Expo

I still however, have not figured out how to make counterfeit money so I have had to look to alternatives. A wonderful friend suggested a site that could be exactly what I need. What I already knew I needed, was to actually have a booth for the next ANE/AVN Expo in January. I networked this year. I formed relationships..I got the feel…it’s time for the next step. I recognize that I can’t (unless I take up that whole hooker thing) afford to pay for it on my own. I know my limits and there is just no I am giving it a shot. I have nothing to lose anyways (which I always say!) but as I was typing I realized I am losing a little something. A bit of personal information I never choose to share. I do not like that. Not one bit..but I have to look long term. I have to see the big picture so I swallow hard (which normally comes much easier) and go for it. I must be at this show. I tell myself to just ask for the bare minimum which is what I am doing. I made sure I wasn’t too wasted when I wrote it. I just wanted enough liquid courage to be straight but not so much that I crossed over to the bullshit zone…which I can tend to do. If you get a chance take a peak. If it sucks, let me know, if it doesn’t forward it to others. That is enough for me.

My Shit is out There

Okay…so now my shit is out there. I have done it. I hate it but I have done it. I do not like the idea of pity, sadness, weakness or vulnerability. What can I say? I should have been a man. I already have all the parts. Yes, my may run on batteries but it gets the job done and I am becoming more graceful during my “performances”. I decide to try and be straight with even more people and write about my son on Facebook. He is turning 16 and having an incredibly hard time. We are both having an incredibly hard time! He just doesn’t get it and I am smashing my head against a brick wall. I want him to have the best birthday yet so I put out there what I want to do and why. My post was up overnight and I had some great conversations on it and important opinions but then I took it down. Too much too soon. Too much seriousness and not enough fun. I need fun. I crave fun! I need laughter. I crave sex! Wait..where did that come from? Oh’s almost 2 am.. spending quality time with The Big Kahuna (finished up one bottle and snacking on my pepper-jack), that is why I brought up sex. Did I mention I won a contest? I never win anything! I think I have found my niche.. Any contest with a prize that is an anal toy, I got it covered. My website name alone! How can anyone else win? Who deserves it more than TheAssGirl? NOBODY! So I am starting a new collection. Thank you It is the prettiest thing I have seen in awhile. I want to use it as a bookend so everyone can see it or put it on my front door and make it one of those’s that pretty! It’s also heavy so I may just start carrying it around in my purse so I can use it as a weapon. Mace isn’t allowed in a lot of places…no knives or guns.. I would just love to be walking into a bar or venue when they check my purse and find it… I would be like what? It doesn’t say anywhere on that sign that I can’t bring in anal toys!

Don’t Feel Too Much Pressure

Understand why I chose the word “solicit” for September now. I am trying to solicit all of you! But by no means feel pressure to do anything (unless that pressure is coming from your rear then you should be concerned, I am probably test driving a new “prize” I just won). I toyed with another idea but then realized I would psychologically damage more men after it and I think I reached my quota already this month. I mean.. it’s funny and harmless really. A gf having sex with a guy with a huge __! Then she got on top and he (and she never saw it c0uming!) hit her bladder.. you know..ruptured it I guess you could say. She was completely embarrassed but luckily had drank a lot of water so he just thought he rocked her world. He thought he was that amazing! harm done. Now my friends and I hearing that story were laughing our asses off…men? May start to second guess a lot of women and experiences they have had and I would never want that to happen. I want no soldiers shrinking and feeling inadequate (I have an impulse to say something but I won’t..I shall only hold up a toothpick) because I do covet those strong ones! I need them alert and ready! So, let me end with this. It should make you feel better. My gf who told this story is not from California. Feel better? Good! Until next time..

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