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Scaring The Staff At The Viper Room | Jesus Loved Hookers

Viper RoomSorry for the delay but I got wrapped up with watching this tv series about hookers and Jesus. Totally the truth! Only three episodes which was unfortunate but hey.. it was better than Gigilos. That show was horrible! Of course I already pretty much figured Jesus loved hookers. I mean, he loves everybody. I thought for a minute, “Hey..Could that be a fun shirt?”. I ask one of my gfs. “What do you think? Too much?” “ummm.. just a little”. No fun!

What a great month! I got to do a lot of what I love (No! Not that!).. Going to concerts. Got to party, meet amazing people, “bond” with my niece (we have our own version) and fantasize about a couple of hot men. There is something about listening to great live music that just invites those things to happen (along with beer and shots of JD). Discovered a great upcoming band called IronTom. They opened at the Viper Room before the incredibly hot and sexy Franky Perez & The Truth. If you have been reading my blogs you will recognize the name. Memorize it because he will be huge. His new song “Higher Ground” was on at the beginning of Sons of Anarchy Premiere so any minute fame will kick in and I will lose my shot at capturing him and locking him in my bedroom to use as I like. Damn it! The downside of success :( Rots my ass! Of course we know I am a S Factor girl, 100%! I have a pole in my living room and I’m not afraid to use it. Well, have used that song the last couple classes and I firmly believe it is working because I am able to get a great visual in my mind. Plus I have probably 30 pictures on my phone and a video..they help.

Scaring The Staff At The Viper Room

The Viper Room was a blast. Incredible staff although I did scare one. His said I was kind of a lot to take in. So silly.. all I did was give him a condom with a QR Code sticker. He did read the shirts I gave the waitress’. Everyone else was awesome and I think by the end, I started to grow on him. I can’t help it! I get a little more verbal when I drink. It’s my job! Got to meet one of my twitter friends. He was cool. He bought us shots so you know, he had me at, “these are for you and your niece”. She was pretty busy jamming with Billy and Nikki so it was hard to get her attention initially but I did. I love that place. I did NOT however, get to meet Franky quietly (in a closet) get a proper introduction (stick my tongue in his mouth) or say hi (climax). Unfortunately, I had to do that later on all by myself. He was there in spirit ;)

Also hit JackFest. GREAT party with my favorite girl! and amazing friends who party like rockstars. She is the one with the tiny flask. Her dad was a doll and it was beyond fun (yep..not one pic without a beer in my hand!). Believe it or not, MC Hammer was amazing. Back to how he was before he became a “pop star” and those people there were definitely trying to get down with their bad selves. I had flashbacks of Detroit, with my gfs, not knowing who he was but blown away. Toto was fantastic! (or maybe thats when the alcohol kicked in) but I know we were singing loud. The whole night..smiled non-stop.
Took my niece to my favorite sushi place. Made her try these yummy shots with oyster and quail eggs. You gotta love the face. I told her, it is always weird the first time you swallow!
So where does the overflow come in? Me! I can be “overflow”. A lot kind of all at once but once you get your balance, you realize its all good.

Fun Fact:

No well-behaved woman has ever made history.

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