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No explanation necessary here. Everyone knows I love the place and the people. Nuff said.
Almost every day a new pair of shoes. Great prices. It’s my bedtime story before I go to sleep. I just admire the pics and blissfully close my eyes.
Biker Warehouse..I couldn’t do anything without their support. Not only with tangible items but emotionally. Love them.
Word is they might be leaving California and I will lose it if they do. The Big Kahuna Shiraz is my true love and without him… I just don’t know how I will survive.
I LOVE this man. His voice, the way he captivates the crowd, envelops the stage… One of the three, wait four men, who can get my name wrong during sex and I would let it slide.
She is my soulmate. An incredibly funny woman who takes life a step further and I love that about her.
My peppermint peckers. If you follow me at all you will know I always have them on me. It’s at the point that when I go in ConRev they will immediately come up to me and say that they are all out or got more in stock.
I love the clothes, the jewelry, the shoes, the PRICES! Yes.. I do love GoJane.
Pandamimi-The Great Case Company
iPhone cases that are badass! Blinged out! Chrome! Awesome! And prices include shipping. Mine was $9.95. Damn Fine!
Go Groove Flexsmart X2 In-Car FM Transmitter
This was the BEST investment for me..EVER! Not too pricey. $45. Works with everything. Has bluetooth. I’ve tried different ones and in areas they would get static or I’d have to wiggle it.. This one is easy to use and zero static. Even works with iPhone 5. This to me means even more dancing in my car when stuck in traffic. This will keep me sane for my drive to Las Vegas. Just need to get a place to stay…

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