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Pick me!! Think Traffic! Handcuffs On Rear View Mirror


FlyingIt’s Saturday night and I’m scrambling. I want to win this contest with Think Traffic. If you aren’t familiar with it, I will fill you in if I win, otherwise you’re on your own. They need me to write something about why I should win this Mentorship for a year. With their help, I could actually, maybe, make some money! How about that?! Hard to believe, I know, but I dare to dream, so here goes…

Okay.. I think I’m going to attack this from a private investigator point of view (goes along with my handcuffs hanging on my rear view mirror). This is what I know..

I know that I need this for my website to become successful. I know that the clothing I’m selling always make people smile and laugh. I know that I need to get people to start buying them. I know that I am apparently, quite entertaining. I know I have had 65,202 page views and 30,333 individuals check out my site..from all over the world! I know that obviously, a few keep coming back. I know it is for my blog because they aren’t spending money on my clothing or making donations. I know my blog makes people laugh because they tell me so. I know that I want to be able to support my kids, on my own, without government help. I know that I am never going to get the $350,000 in back support I am owed. I know that because of my kids medical problems I have to do something.

I know that my blog “I’m in Love 2012″ was huge for me. I got 6600 new hits on that one. I know that 9000 hits in a month is really great. I know I can do it. I taught myself everything from filing my own trademarks, copyrights, file sales/user taxes, how to use a heat press, use Corel Draw, make a QR code. I’ve walked into the AVN Expo, having no clue, but facing the fear and introducing myself to everyone I could. I know that I love my stuff. I wear it everyday.

How Do You Make A Website?

Now here is what I don’t know… I don’t know how to make a website. I have one through Vistaprint. I don’t know about SEO. I don’t know how to build a subscriber list. I don’t know how to spread the word more globally about my site. I don’t know how to improve my website. I don’t know if I should start placing ads online..or in magazines. I don’t know about hosting or website optimizing. BUT most importantly.. I don’t know how to make money with my site and that’s what I need to do. I have created something a little different, that entertains both men and women and puts out there the things most are afraid to say. I am proud of what I have done so far. My car has giant magnets on the doors promoting my site. My QR code is on my windshield. My license plate and brake light show my website and I drive around head held high. I like to inspire women. I want them to say whatever they want to say, do what makes them happy and quit trying to please the world. I want men to know that we don’t hate the player, we just hate the game.

Regardless of what happens.. Whether I win or lose…Next week I am off to Las Vegas for the ANE/AEE Expo and AVN Awards and I am going to walk in there more prepared than last year and love it when/if someone recognizes me from my site or last year and shouts it out or asks for a picture. That’s something…

Now is the time…I must have a glass of wine and toast my future..

“Here’s to better days and better lays” (Okay a little raunchy but I gotta think about my peeps. I have a reputation to maintain) ;)


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