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Your First Phone Call With A Girl | No Opinions Please!

Love Naked Men Who Dont Talk PantiesI’m hoping everyone had a wonderful holiday and didn’t empty their xanax bottle (those babies can be hard to get). I’m still preparing for the AVN/ANE Expo in Vegas.

During my holiday I contemplated my goals for the New Year. I thought about making some changes..maybe it was time to try dating again. HUGE mistake! Why do I do this to myself?!
Listen guys, there are a few things you need to know about your first phone call with a girl. There are things you can talk about and things you should NOT talk about (washing your underwear in the sink). I get that you are nervous but that call can end that relationship before it even starts.

First Phone Call Rules

To phone or text? We all would rather text. It’s just easier and we can get other things done while we do it. It also helps us stay detached which is why I say make the call. Mainly because it is so unusual/retro, that the girl will definitely tell her friends and they can influence her to go on the date. Why? Girlfriends look at it like, “Hey! It’s a free meal!” or if they have a BF, they will want her to have a BF. That way they can double date, still hang out, vent to each other, understand their relationship issues, plan a double wedding, etc.
Keep the conversation short. Leave out the details. At this point we really don’t give a sh*t so we will get bored. We don’t need to know your family history or problems at work. We don’t care…yet! You can say you are going to the gym but don’t tell us about your diet, weight goals or training program.
It’s okay to say we are hot, but only once! Anymore makes it meaningless to us. If you feel you must give some sort of compliment then word it differently.
Don’t express a strong opinion about anything! It’s too early. You will come across as overbearing.
Don’t over share. We don’t need to know your work schedule or hear about the blast you had in Vegas. Just keep it simple.
If you want to text after the phone call, make it some funny thing, a quote or a picture, not “It was great talking to you..blah..blah..blah..” It was a conversation, that’s all. Do not text the next morning. Give us room to breathe. We don’t like over eager. You will not hear from us again.
Just be cool.

Women Are Complicated Beasts

Women… we are a complicated beast. Even we don’t understand why we do/think some of the things we do. We over think and that’s where you guys can get yourself into trouble. We can’t help it. It’s genetic.
Just tryin to help!
These pics show what I did do during the holidays instead of dating. :(

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