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Blog to Check Out!

I’ve been enjoying this blog. She captures the fun in riding and mentioned me in one.

Lizz BlogYes! I got stoked! She thought it was hilarious. I must quote:

…..The assgirl booth is HILARIOUS!! Everything you’ve ever secretly thought but never said out loud (and some even too risqué for me to repeat) screenprinted on t shirts and panties. I laughed so hard and looked thru her stash of stuff picking out just a couple items that I’m positive my husband will not be impressed with. For the record,  spitters are quitters did not make the cut! Last stop before I need to start working my way back is Factory 47 Cycles. The bikes are gleaming in the sun, every available spare inch covered in chrome. One of the reps sees me smiling like a dope and gives me a smile in return.  “They’re just so shiny they make me happy,” I tell him and he laughs. It’s his bike, the orange dreamsicle colored Softail with fishtail pipes. The boys at this booth are………

If you need to escape your daily stress but can’t get out, take a peak and enjoy the blog as she details the view and feelings she has out on a ride.

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