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Fight Autism Now Casual Crop Pants

Fight Autism Now Casual Crop Pants

Item #:4291
Black Bella brand cropped casual cotton pants with red logo for FAN on the front and Fight Autism Now on the back. $24.95 . . . → Read More: Fight Autism Now Casual Crop Pants

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I'm not much about putting my shit out there but I do feel like this little bit might be okay. I deal with a lot of frustration over having to fight non-stop for everything and accepting that the government and agencies do not actually care or want to help you. Realizing that it is a life long battle and that these employees will even lie, under oath. It sucks. Whether I am fighting for autism, someone is fighting racism, fighting against homophobic people, fighting just to be who you are and have the courage to live the life you deserve to live. You deserve to be happy and that boils down to "gotta be me"! Quit living for everyone else. Put yourself first. You have to. IMG_2131

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