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Powerful Valuable Deserving Shirt

Powerful Valuable Deserving Shirt

Item #:6506
Black shirt with a scoop neck with the words powerful valuable deserving in red on the front for 19.95 (no cutting unless requested) . . . → Read More: Powerful Valuable Deserving Shirt

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We all have a day we wake up exhausted. It isn't the exhausted where you haven't had enough sleep. It's the exhausted with life. Where you are so tired that you feel like you could stay in bed indefinitely, close your eyes and sleep for hours just so your brain doesn't have to work. We don't do it though. We make ourselves feel guilty. I want to change that. It's cheesy. You can repeat these words to yourself over and over. Will they accomplish anything? I have no idea but I can let everyone else know about me. I can make being proud and patting myself on the back an acceptable thing not an expected thing

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