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What Is The “Reach For The Stars” Dream For TheAssGirl?

 reach for the starsTheAssGirl is not just one thing. Women cannot be put into a category. We don’t have to fit a particular mold. We can and are many. What you perceive is exactly what we want you to see. It is calculated, unless it is me. I go out of my way to prove that it’s okay to be different. Wave your freak flag, own your power, be proud of who you are and never pretend or let anyone else try to change you. Everyone believes they know me. At times I don’t even know me but I am going to have a blast finding out as I go along. 

I am all over the place. I am a fun concert whore who dreams of one day being in a position to be able to get into every show I have dreamed of. I am a single mother with a pole in her living room. I would love to have a fridge full of beer and endless supply of red wine!

beer fridgered wine


I don’t need to be rich. I was raised in the projects and then through my own mother’s hard work, followed by a home. I was doing alright financially and then got married. We lived in what most would consider a mansion in a lovely neighborhood. Divorce followed and then it was an apartment. A two bedroom for the three of us. I had to go and get food stamps and cash aid. Yes.. I qualified for it. I had to use the vouchers at grocery stores and stand tall knowing that everyone around me knew my private financial struggles. I have fought the government hard and been there for my kids 150%. I could have been a financial planner but I turned it down. My kids needed atleast one parent in their life. I flirt for drinks so that I can buy them everything they want since they receive gifts only from my mother and I. I have gone into a court room by myself to stand up to a sexist, chauvinistic landlord who refused my rent because I drove an inappropriate car, drank beer during the day and had a pole. I had no attorney so I couldn’t win but I wanted him to see he could not bully me. I have never had a vacation, nor have my kids, for probably 15 years. I never had a honeymoon. I want to have that honeymoon! Minus the husband and I hope to be able to take one vacation a year with my kids, just one would be great.


I want to have access to tickets to go to hockey games and xgames. I don’t want to have to stay in the house for 5 days because I don’t have enough money for gas. I want to laugh and know that if something happened to me, my kids would be taken care of. I would love my business to be successful. It’s what I continue to fight for. I want people to stop and appreciate the little things. Your children telling you they love you. The father of them actually being a part of their life. I want them to stop and realize they have it really good. There are others who have it much worse.

What is my “Reach For The Stars” dream? I love animals. My children went through a lot of bullying in their youth. It changed them. It ruined them. They lost the ability to assume the best in people. It’s everywhere. So many kids are finding suicide as there way out. Have you ever had your child tell you they want to die?

I want to have an animal rescue that has kids/teens who have been bullied, beaten down, work with the animals. They trust animals. They need to get that back. They can be around others who know what they are going through and possible form some wonderful friendships. They need to make a difference and I need to know my kids have a place, a career, a purpose for their future.  It would be a safe place and gradually a happy place for them. My youngest helped me come up with a name:

Forge Onward Anti-Bullying Animal Rescue 

Forge Onward

I filed the papers so that I could to show them that I believe there is a chance it could be possible. There is nothing to lose by trying and the potential for so much to gain. Now don’t go thinking I am a saint or anything. At this sanctuary I will want a beer fridge and unlimited red wine. I will probably be on the hunt for some cheese to go with it. There will still be a pole in my living room and I will probably dress up in ridiculously high heels that have fur and sparkle. I might do that while working on the farm. I will still dress over the top and a little slutty when I go out. I will still go out! I will still be a smart ass to men who use bad lines or talk about how much money they have. I will continue to not have sex with the men I date.

bird sanc farm landteens3 teensteens4teen2

I still have so much more to do to reach these stars. Right now I am not able to move on to the next step. I won’t stop trying though. I just need to take care of my kids first and fight the government some more. That is something that I really dream about. Not having to fight for everything. Somebody has to fight for my kids. They need to see me fighting for them. They need to trust at least one person. They know they can depend on me and if someone gets in my way I will become a psycho bitch and not let them get away with it. Kind of crazy but the fun kind of crazy.

WORDS MEAN SOMETHING AND HAVE CONSEQUENCES. THEY CAN CUT DEEPER THAN ANY KNIFE. LOOK AROUND.. Me? My kids? We don’t play or tolerate that game. We are done with that shit. It’s time for me to go now. I have to go to sleep and continue to dream.

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