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Island of Sin? Jeffrey Epstein? WTF?

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I told myself I was going to blog tonight, no matter what! I had planned on the narcissistic route but then thought I will hear enough of that tomorrow so I delve into the internet a little. I decide to look into fun and wild vacations. Those places you can get crazy, not wear clothes and do dirty things which leads me to the Island of Sin. Catchy title so I look into it. I see that it is also called Orgy Island. Sounds like every straight man’s dream vacay right? I wonder how it happens. Is it all-inclusive? Is gratuity included? What is the correct percentage you should tip? So I delve even further.

Jeffrey Epstein is the person who owns the island. It is actually called Little St. James Island. Who is this guy? No degree but a billionaire. He owns a 51,000 square foot place in Manhattan? Has two airplanes, a gulfstream and boeing, that are commonly referred to as the Lolita Express. How does that happen?

He was a math teacher, creative, offered a job at Bearns, and within 6 years is made partner and starts his own firm. He only accepts clients with an income of one billion. Anything less, he will turn you down. Geesh.. I keep digging.

Is that Stephen Hawkings at the Orgy Island? Why, yes it is! Bill Clinton? You know it. Even Hilary! I didn’t know they were into orgys but who am I to judge.


There is a lot of the elite associating with this man. He has even had royalty. I see an unfamiliar name. His friend, Ron Burkle. Apparently he has a plane and it is called Air Fuck One. Hmm.. Then I see it. Jeffrey Epstein is a registered sex offender. Was not expecting that. He has been accused of assault by like 40 girls all under 18. There were some as young as 12! They were to provide massages to his guests and more. Only got 18 months in jail and served 13. Wtf? This is totally fucked

I am disgusted. I can’t believe it. Actually, I can believe it but I don’t want to. This guy is totally f’d in the head. I can only read a little more because it’s just so wrong. All his guests were pedophiles according to more articles. Call me naive but I’m like, even Stephen Hawkings? He’s too smart to do that. Media gossip overload. I’m not sure how much of what is in the articles are true but there is definitely enough to show that a lot of it is. Orgy Island sounded alright at the start didn’t it? Not anymore.

I should have stuck with narcissists.

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