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Don’t Push Me T-Shirt

Don’t Push Me T-Shirt

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Red loose crew neck t-shirt with the words Don't Push Me I have a lot of daddy issues and will blow in black lettering for $19.95 . . . → Read More: Don’t Push Me T-Shirt

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If you know me, you have heard me say this. Sitting together having drinks, talking about the headlines, bitching about men and society. There is always some story that triggers this response out of the person you think is the nicest. It's a warning. It's a warning that you have been able to maintain up to this point but at any moment you can and will blow. It's a tough high wire act. All that anger down deep inside. There is a little fearlessness you carry. You know, in the right circumstance, if it ever happens, someone will feel that pain you have kept inside all of these years.

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