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Rated Raunchy Off The Shoulder Top

Rated Raunchy Off The Shoulder Top

Item #:4625
Peachy off the shoulder top with the words Rated Raunchy on the front for $19.95 . . . → Read More: Rated Raunchy Off The Shoulder Top

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I love the style of this shirt. I love wearing it to work out. It is soft and light and has a little flashdance feeling to it. The phrase Rated Raunchy has been around since I started. Initially I was going to just do wholesale. What I was thinking about doing was having different packages. One would be Rated PG, then Rated PG-13 and Rated R, but I was left with the really bad ones. I didn't know where they could go. Boom! These could be Rated Raunchy! Not classy, not skanky, just raunchy.

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