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Please Breastfeed Every 3 Hours T-Shirt

Please Breastfeed Every 3 Hours T-Shirt

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T-shirt with Please Breastfeed Every 3 Hours on front. $19.95 . . . → Read More: Please Breastfeed Every 3 Hours T-Shirt

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I reached a point when selling when the request came for a men's shirt. What about the guys? You need to have one for everyone. I definitely had to think about this one. There are these singers that when performing they have this angst that draws you to them. Have you ever seen Incubus? OG! If you can't get laid after that concert, you seriously suck. He is so hot, so tortured.. I just want to breastfeed him. How I came up with that, I have no idea. I guess because I want to grab him and form a cocoon around him and hold him close. NOT like John Mayer.. no! no! no! He looks like he is in physical pain. Can you imagine his orgasm face? I just don't get it. Even Nine Inch Nails. Yes..Trent admits to maybe some not so healthy thoughts but when he is singing "Hurt" you see something in him.. Lusting over dysfunctional men led me to this phrase because you know what? All men love boobies! Straight men! Gay men! All men. It's great. They want them out there and they want to see them. They want you to be proud of them. It's all about the boobies and so trying to incorporate that led to... see above IMG_2379August 6, 2013 829

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