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Cougar Trophy T-Shirt

Cougar Trophy T-Shirt

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T-shirt with Cougar Trophy on front. $19.95 . . . → Read More: Cougar Trophy T-Shirt

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What do you put on a shirt for a straight man that they will like and probably have the balls to wear? See this shirt, the first time, the guy is nervous. I am too old to wear this or I can't wear this in public. After that first time, you cannot get it off of them. They get smiles from women, laughter, generally more attention than without it and all positive! What is ideal.. (I think)is for a GFs bday party, give her the Kiss The Cougar shirt and then when she is pleasantly buzzed, give her this and ask her to find the right man who wins it. Usually at this time everyone is a little buzzed and what man (seriously) wouldn't want to be considered a Cougar Trophy. They will do incredibly humiliating things to get it (so always have your phone on video). She will love it and so will he. I always bring one out with me to big events. If I see a fight about to break out between men, I pull this out, "dedicate" to one and before you know it.. crisis averted.August 6, 2013 851 August 6, 2013 832 August 6, 2013 678 August 6, 2013 083 August 6, 2013 922 IMG_1651

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