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Thank You Paul Walker!

He changed my life and doesn't even know it!

Years ago I was on a really bad date at Billys in Newport Beach. I tried to drink enough to drown out the lame conversation I was submitting myself to. It was hopeless until…

Paul Walker walked into the room. You could feel how every woman in the room stopped breathing for a second, then . . . → Read More: Thank You Paul Walker!

Cougar Trophy T-Shirt

Cougar Trophy T-Shirt

T-shirt with Cougar Trophy on front. $19.95 . . . → Read More: Cougar Trophy T-Shirt

The Basic Rules of Women

One of our favorite positions

Basic Rules of Women

I was watching the ending to “Liar, Liar”, where Jim Carrey is riding this stair cart trying to catch up with the plane his ex and son were on and I’m thinking, “This is EXACTLY why men and women have so many problems!”. Here is this sad situation and we . . . → Read More: The Basic Rules of Women

Transformation 2013!

I wonder if I walk around with this on my mouth, will anyone say anything?

There is nothing in this post on sex so men, you may want to go to another post.

You only live once. That’s my motto to live by so I like to try everything once. I have a great friend who is a Physician Associate in Aesthetic Medicine. I overheard her asking our mutual friend . . . → Read More: Transformation 2013!

Wholesale Packages


While the wholesale is being constructed, this will be where you can order. All packages include 1 Small, 2 Medium, 2 Large, 1 XLarge Please include a copy of your resale certificate . . . → Read More: Wholesale Packages

Ladies Who Ride 2014! July 20, 2014



A success filled with fun for a great cause! Annual event with our biggest crowd at Cooks Corner. Thank you to Nidess Dance Academy, Niko Marino; our amazing tattoo artist, Leticia of Just One Glance Photography, Tisha Stephens for doing hair & make up, . . . → Read More: Ladies Who Ride 2014! July 20, 2014