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Wasn’t Me T-Shirt

Wasn’t Me T-Shirt

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A grey t-shirt with the words Wasn't Me on the front in black lettering $19.95

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I promise the actual shirt won't be as wrinkled as this looks in the picture. I do everything for my site. I mean everything, top to bottom. I try my best to get it all done but there are times when I have a moment and I ask myself if it is more important to be done and not perfect or not done yet. I usually aim for perfect but the problem I run into is that the list of things not done keeps getting bigger. I realize that it doesn't have to be perfect to be okay. If it ends up not perfect and a big issue than my go to is Wasn't Me. Of course, that phrase has been known to be used in many situations and I guess right now for this wrinkled shirt, it wasn't me.

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