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Shaving With Coochy Before A Shag

Clean Your Coochy

Coochy – Body Boudoir Rash Free Shave Creme

There is nothing worse than shaving and ending up with an unattractive rash. Whether you go with a shag, bathmat or linoleum look. Especially on date night because every woman out there is going to shave before they go out. I have tried shave creams for sensitive skin and every razor out there. Even worse! If you end up having an incredible date and end up getting some extremely hot and sweaty sex. The kind you want to do a few times..then in the morning waking up to an extremely painful and unattractive rash. All that rubbing on newly shaved skin and action. Ouch! Oochy coochy!

I decided to give this stuff a try. It had pretty shiny bottles and I love the word coochy. How can you not! Well I am so glad I did. Seriously, this shit works! The creme and protection mist left mine smooth as silk. No bumps, no rash, so soft. I couldn’t imagine how the protection mist could work. How can it provide a barrier? But it did! I even tried a few things to see. Instead of cotton, I tried lace panties, satin, worked out… Not a problem. Then I did jeans which is a battle to get on and off. Wore them out. I did a lot of rubbing and that stuff kicks ass! They are not outrageous in price either, $14.95 and $9.95. For me..I am hooked. My search is over. I love Coochy! I got mine at Condom Revolution. Woot! Woot!

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