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DoucheBags Cockblock All The Nice Guys

The DoucheBags Around The World Are Ruining The Chances Of The Nice Guys!

Instructions: Every time you read the read DoucheBag do a shot

Now I am not sure if it is technology or not these days but it seems to me that on social media/the internet, the population of douchebags seems never ending. Were they here before or have these cowards finally found a way to make themselves known in a way that.. really doesn’t make themselves known. Hence.. The Coward.

DoucheBag Report

DoucheBag Report

Remember my blog about how my car drives by itself? Well, I finally had a couple people experience it while driving my car so I wanted to file another complaint with the ‘nhtsa’, which I did. When filing I read through all the other complaints about the same issue and it is so similar to the big Toyota lawsuit. I explored other sites. I filed a review on ‘carsrus’. On a couple forum I wrote a post since I had seen others with questions and concerns. There could be a way we could help each other. I wanted to show the people who wrote me and said it was a waste of time to report this, that it wasn’t. I discovered a site   I looked at a few forums and wrote another post on my problem. I chose TheAssGirl as my username. This way they could easily check and see that I had gone to the trouble of looking into it from a few different angles. Naturally, with that username, I expected to hear dumbass comments from the idiots immediately. It’s a joke but I figure if this is what they need to amuse themselves then go for it.

This site ended up being a gathering place for chauvinistic pigs from what I can tell. Basically men who like to jack each other off and get that simulated pat on the shoulder from that buddy they have online. This is where they can feed their egos. They can’t get it out in public or from other men with actual faces because those men, even if they think it, would never actually be dumb enough to say it. They actually have a brain and know that it could make “getting laid” a thing of the past. I post my question, with it being a forum, I assume that is the best place to start. I label it Acceleration Problem. Pretty self explanatory. I get the first few stupid comments on my user name that I expect. No biggie. I then get accused of being a “troll” and told that my problem is non-existent. It is the floor mat (which I had already read about a long time ago and proved that was not it) even though if they ever took the time to get off the site and look at others they would notice that it is very existent! I decide to write a follow up figuring this usually eliminates the assholes… it doesn’t work. They then proceed to try to one up each other in witty comebacks.. “You should lay down somewhere, before you fall and stab yourself with a spoon” “Fat Ass Girl”   “Another Camaro owner” (The only one I actually took offense to!)  I had hope for one guy who was actually bright enough (for a moment) to point out, what would be the point of someone making up a question on the site.  Sadly, he succumbed to the other douche bags and felt the need to join the crowd. Was there NOT one mildly intelligent male on this site?  Wait.. could this guy be one? He verified that my website existed and actually wrote something appropriate regarding the question/concern I had. YAY!! There was one! Sadly, even he left once he saw what a pathetic group of people were online (and like always online! Like never off!) I kept getting emails notifying me of responses and I knew this was a lost cause. I have tried every way I can think of and customer service finally responded with, “you cannot remove your profile”. Wonderful. It didn’t state that initially. I continue to receive emails pointing out that there has been a remark. I then was informed that I was starting to  receive numerous spam messages on my website.

I’m figuring with the maturity level of these douche bags I would definitely put them between 19-25 years old. The latest by one particular male that must be very poorly endowed (it’s the only explanation I can come up with to explain how often he puts remarks, the dumb comments, all trash talk) that says that anyone who wears my stuff is trash. The girls are trash. The clothes are trash. You can take a peak and easily see the douchebags I am dealing with. There is no doubt in my mind that these guys are single and from what they write, have no idea about women. Completely clueless and probably think it’s everyone else with the problem, not them. I have met many douchebags in my life. I do believe the word regained it’s popularity because of these “things”. I feel like I can’t call them boys because I have boys and even they wouldn’t say this lame stuff. They certainly aren’t men.  They are male (according to their birth certificate). Species is debatable.



This is the problem that we, women have. We encounter these douchebags and become so disheartened by them that by the time the nice guys come around, we don’t believe it. We become burned out and certain that the other shoe will drop… it’s just a matter of time. Now me, well everyone knows I don’t date.. by choice or maybe because of my “fat ass” according to these morons. Either way, I’m good. I know if I start to date I will meet a couple of these types of guys, maybe online, at a bar or even on the highway (Don’t act surprised. You have no idea how often this happens. Ask your female friends) I will then start to generalize and I don’t want to do that. I really don’t but these types are totally cockblocking all the nice guys. They don’t stand a chance. Why do women date assholes? Because it’s all they know. It’s familiar. Even if they hate it. Take a 40 year old unhappy person for example. They have been that way their whole lives. They are used to how it feels and know what is needed to get through each day. Offer that person a pill (for example) and tell them it will make them happy and everything will be 100% better. Some won’t believe it. Some will try it but only a few will continue to take it. The first couple days will be great but then it becomes scary for them. For 40 years they felt a certain way and now that is gone. They don’t know how to deal with it, it is scary, they will be nervous and then they will stop taking the pill. Why? They know what unhappiness feels like. They know what to do to get through each day. It isn’t scary. They aren’t nervous. It’s safe. It’s like the douchebags. They choose the douchebags and that sucks! For all the nice guys out there.

What can fix this? I have no idea. I mean I am always honest about the fact that I am completely full of shit. I have these ridiculous theories, that work for me (sort of) but probably won’t work for you. What I do think is that being around douchebags all the time, even coming in contact with them, it’s like a disease. It just keeps getting worse the more you are exposed to them. It destroys the self worth of a lot of women. Women need to know that they deserve the best and they shouldn’t settle for less than that. Even if it’s been a few years, this isn’t a ticking time bomb that is going to explode so you have to drastically reduce your criteria. They are amazing creatures that when walking with their head held high can bring a man to his knees or to tears. They are exquisite. They should be treated that way, every day and know it. This is just my opinion. I could be wrong but these douchebags are making it pretty easy to believe that there isn’t a lot of hope left.

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