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Scott Weiland.. Crazy? But in a good way!

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Like a Jack in the Box..You are excited anticipating the pop!

Like a Jack in the Box..You are excited anticipating the pop!


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I have seen Scott Weiland a few times in concert. Why you ask? There are these rare performers who once I see them on stage, I feel like they are “not of this earth”. What do I mean? They make the concert feel like an event..a story.. They put themselves in the music. I don’t know how they do it. I guess I would call them entertainers more than singers. Take Perry of Jane’s Addiction. I like Jane’s Addiction but after to going to that show, I will go to as many as I can. When he comes out on stage, it is like that is where he is meant to be, born to be. He pulls everyone in the crowd in. That’s what Scott does for me. Each song he seems to be in, LA Woman. Not many can and should even attempt that song but when Weiland does it… I don’t know if it’s because he can identify with the original or if it was a favorite or if he is just a great actor, but it is one of the best renditions I have seen. It doesn’t really matter who is playing behind him. It seems without him, it wouldn’t work. He could do it on his own.
Throw in the element of surprise since you have no idea what the hell he is going to say or do and I am hooked. I want to be there when he snaps, when he says something that makes you think WTF? (check out my youtube for great examples or something so profound you wish you could get in his head for just a couple minutes. Not too long because you don’t want to get lost in there but just see what the world looks like to him.
I met and chatted with his new wife (I didn’t know who she was). She was one of the sweetest, genuine people I have ever met. I knew she couldn’t be from here and I was right. She is from Ohio. She didn’t seem to (so far) get wrapped up in the whole scene. I totally gave her some brochures on my site and we chatted about our kids. She is someone I could be friends with. It was refreshing talking to her. It also told me that there is probably even more to Scott than anyone knows. To be honest, she is not what I would expect him to marry which is terrible of me but true. She added more likability to him. I guess that is his thing. You never know what you are going to get.
I, as usual, had a mission. Take a look carefully at the pics and see if you can get a glimpse of some strategically placed TheAssGirl thong that I “donated” for their (and my) enjoyment. The guy holding up the shirt… Was starting to get into a fight with another guy but under my outfit I had on my red cape. I was subtle, to everyone but me, and presented him with the “Cougar Trophy” shirt. TaDa!! Crisis averted!It’s how I roll..

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