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White tank tops with individual phrases on them in red lettering along with black silhouette representing the bride and her bridal party. Eight pieces in all for $121.99 . . . → Read More: BACHELORETTE PACKAGE OF FUN!

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Is your friend getting married and you aren't sure what to buy her as a gift? Do you want to get her something unique that everyone will get a kick out of? Heading to Vegas for the Bachelorette? You know in every bridal party there is always the alcoholic and the slutty one. There is the one who is a total bitch and a psycho, crazy one. The uptight one you have to talk into everything and the maid with no honor who once given that title, will take over EVERYTHING! It's fun to embrace those roles and even better handing them out. These would be ideal for a night out to celebrate. Take the guessing game away! Put that shit out there! You only get married once so who cares! Okay, maybe twice, or three times. The shirts can be worn again! These are my original creations and call me crazy but even if you don't have this many bridesmaids, they will still be a blast to wear out! Bachelorette Package-logo

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