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Bi-Polar/Shmi-Polar.. Who cares? Aren’t we all a little Fuc$ed up?


Bi-Polar.. Very popular right now don’t you think? Seems like all the famous are getting the courage to come out to the point that it seems like a fad. It seems a little unusual since the drugs prescribed aren’t any fun at all.. Even with alcohol. To me, it’s been around forever and it’s just another label, like slut, alcoholc, republican, etc.
Everyone has struggles in life and they are just that, a struggle. Shit we deal with that helps form the person that we are but it doesn’t define us. This is what led me to coming up with one of my latest designs which, like the others, is available for purchase.

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Personally, I think everyone can be a little bi-polar, especially women. I am not slamming the diagnosis or calling it bullshit, I am just saying, we can all be a little bit moody. It’s just hat stigma “mental illness”. So much embarrassment and shame. Why?

I can approach this from a self taught medical standpoint which will accomplish absolutely nothing or I can do what I prefer to do with most things that can be a little bit stressful and that is crack a joke. Make light of something that is so heavy. Laughter seems to give people the ability to talk about the “unspeakable”. Wouldn’t it be great to do that with everything?
bipolar cartoonBi-Polar3

I have thought about trying this with more taboo things. Would it help?




Schizophrenia is too easy. Nothing easy is fun. You would think considering it is a serious disease, it would be one to distance yourself from. It isn’t. After drinks, my co-conspirators and I come up with some pretty sick and demented things that I could put on clothing but they do walk that fine line. That scary offensive fine line that I like to balance on, atleast on this site. On , this is where I envision me crossing over at times. As always in a playful way. When you are at a point where you can just not judge and be thrilled for someone who finds their secret to pleasure, no matter how bizarre, than take a peak. It would probably be better to drink as well. Everything is easier to embrace with alcohol. Even a skanky looking chick, right?

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