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Orgasmic Meditation… Myth or Magic? OM….

O Meditation # I can’t do yoga. I get bored. When they tell you to just breathe, I try but then I start to wonder how long I half to do it. Then I open one eye to peak around and see if everyone is doing it. Then I tell myself that I can do it, but then I start thinking that if this is the end of the class, I could leave right now, get some shit done, breathe in the car on my way. Yep.. just can’t. For me it is the pole, S Factor . It changed me as a person and helped me grow. How? So many different ways. You learn that your sexuality is nothing to be ashamed of and that we are amazing, beautiful, creatures. Our flaws only add to how exceptional we are. It has introduced me to the most amazing women/friends in my life. We build each other up, empower each other. That positive energy can turn your day/life around. Yes, it is a process and yes, it is a workout. Sometimes it can even be scary and bring you to tears but you grow.The goal is to get out of your head. Be selfish and let it all go. All this from a pole? Kind of..

According to Nicole Daedone, OM (Orgasmic Meditation) can do that for you as well. Is it a cult? S Factor has been called that by some, cross fit has, the reality is who cares. If it works for you, screw everyone else and what they think. This however, comes from a different angle than the pole. That ‘angle’ is in between your legs. The good part is it is all about pleasing the woman. The bad part, is well, you are naked from the waist down and a friend/partner/stranger is wearing latex gloves massaging your clitoris. Okay.. okay.. I know.. Wtf?  But it’s only for 15 minutes, that’s all. Can it be 12 you ask. No, it is 15 and there is no budging on that so if you get only a 10 minute break at work, you are going to have to make other arrangements. I know what you are thinking.. That sort of thing happened to me in high school and it did not in anyway make me a better person. In fact sometimes it just pissed you off. Teenage boys, sticking their fingers in your cooch, not having any clue about what they were doing except the ‘advice’ they heard in the locker room. First shove in one finger, pull it in and out a couple times (cause you know that is exactly what sex feels like), then put in two. Wait! Can I put in three? Jackpot! This girl wants me. That’s a phone call to their friends that night. This is more scientific.

There is like a specific area and movement you must use. Basically, you sit frog legs, lay back, feel like you are at a gyno appointment only the doctor is much more vigilant at examining your vagina. He describes it to you. There is a lot of communicating in this. Lots of sharing. There is no sex and there is no goal, so for all you competitive people, you cannot win this race. O Meditation1 O Meditation2 You are supposed to focus on the sensations. The tingle in your leg. The grasping of your breath. The feeling in your stomach that makes you want to succumb. The belief is we think of sensations as emotions. There is no emotion in this. It is all about you for 15 mins. You forget about everything else. You don’t have to reciprocate anything to that person. You have no obligation. No need to call him later and say, “I had a really nice time”. The ‘stroker’ is apparently just cherishing being able to witness this amazing transition in front of them. Yes, you may climax. SCORE! but again, that isn’t what it is about. In life we focus so much at getting to the finish, we miss what is happening now. Forget about your thighs. Forget about what media tells us we are supposed to look like while being aroused. Forget about expectations. Surrender and feel. They say that this will transform your life. Your energy, your stress, your concentration, your sex drive, world hunger. Just kidding but one woman did say that she started to notice things in her body on a daily basis that she hadn’t before. She was more in tune. What’s so bad about that! And if you really love it, there are communities! Houses where 50 of them live together and do this on a daily basis. There is one Meet Up group in Colorado with 500 members.

You think this is something you may want to delve even deeper into? You can take a Mastery Program for $7500 or train to become a certified coach! For $15000 or you can go online and sign up for any of the courses, programs, retreats that are offered by One Taste Nicole Daedone started this company in 2004. There are now approximately 10 based all over the US. Let me just point out that taking this on can be quite costly (not much of a shocker) but if you can and want to, go for it. If you are still on the fence she wrote a book called Slow Sex: The Art and Craft of the Female Orgasm. It got some decent reviews. No.. I haven’t tried this and I never say never. Personally I feel like if my sex life starts to suck then maybe take a look into this. I am very intrigued with a class she offers called the Ignited Man Course. It is supposed to educate men on how to deal with the empowered/strong/independent women you see these days. I have had a decent amount of men state that this is an issue for them. What role do they play? How do they deal with these women? The level one class is only $495. If you are game to go up to expert, just plop down $995 and you are .. Umm.. No idea. Screwing lots of powerful women? If anyone decides to take this course please let me know what you think. I would really like to hear about that.

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