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Catty Women… Wtf is your problem?

respect the jealousWhy are there some women who insist on slamming other women because of their insecurities? Is it too complicated for them to step back and think.. Has this woman ever done anything that would make me think she couldn’t be trusted? Has she screwed me over? Has she been a terrible friend? Has she ever said anything that might give you the impression she is interested in “your” man or anyone else’?
Why? Why? Yes I know. You were fucked over before. Well you know what? We have all been fucked over before! We have all been cheated on at some point. We have all had our hearts broken? Some, not all, have even learned from it. Just because you haven’t is no reason to shoot other women down. Take a look a the woman. Does she seem desperate for a man? Do you see drool hanging on her lip whenever your “man” is around? Do you think your man is such an amazing catch that you have to keep all women away from him by atleast 300 feet? Cause you know how that, ” how are you?”and “I’m good”, can lead to let’s fuck. NO! YOU ARE THE ONE WITH THE ISSUE and you are the one who is blowing it. Men don’t see it from the same perspective. They are like, she must have done something to make you bad mouth her. They try to find out what it is since this feeds into some of their penthouse naughty little temptress stories they are hooked on. Instead, when asked you deflect. You have to because you have no valid reason for saying the things you said. Well you need to realize something. Men come and go. Good friends are hard to find and at the end of the relationship (and it will end) who is there for you? It isn’t him. You are intentionally throwing a sister to the curb because you are so paranoid that you can’t help yourself.

If you are worried about him cheating, quit looking at others and look at him. Look at yourself. Where is it coming from? There is already enough catty bitches out there. We don’t need anymore, especially ones who have never shown any inkling of interest in your man. If you are checking his phone, there is a problem. If you have an issue anytime you see him speak more than 2 words to a woman, you have a problem. If you feel the need to in anyway tell him how to live his life and who to be friends with, you have a problem! This will not make sense to a man. He will at some point see that you are a tad overbearing and be out of there. The only person you will have to blame is yourself. If you are with a man who makes you feel that insecure then walk, no even better, run away! That isn’t healthy. We all make mistakes but if we keep making the same mistakes the only person we can get mad at is ourselves. Is it because you are afraid to be alone? That’s bullshit. Then you need to learn to be alone. Do you not feel good enough for him? Well he is in a relationship with you so there must be something you have that he loves. It’s easy to stay in a bad relationship. It takes balls to leave. Where are your cahunas? What are you showing the others around you who look up to you? It’s a load of crap.

Mean-Girls-FILLER-1women support each other

Am I annoyed? Yes I am. I have seen this too many times and I stupidly believe that as women age we learn to know better. Wrong! These women are making not only their BFs lives hell but their own as well. Do you think any moderately stable woman would want any part of this? Don’t you think if she did, if she has all this power you believe she does, don’t you think she would be with him? Just think..
Imagine you are meeting your bf at a party and when you walk in you see him talking to a women with a pen and a piece of paper out. What is your impulse? To go and kick his ass? Or to calmly walk up, say hi, give him a kiss, and when he is done, take him aside, ask him what you are in your head and concerned about, and actually believe him. If you do, you are in a good place.

A relationship should add to your life, make it easier, better, you happier. If it isn’t, its time to move on. There is no point. Assuming the worst means you are having some issues that you need to deal with. Women need to build each other up. Not knock each other down. I’m not saying all women are perfect, I’m just saying, wait, listen, decide with a clear head and if you can’t? Leave the relationship because you are not ready. You should never settle for less than you deserve.

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