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Why do we just watch what happens in the movie, not see what happens in the movie?

Im an idiotI’m sitting here watching this stereotypical movie and it has come to time where the woman interprets something incorrectly. It is making me want to throw things at it. She assumes the worse and the “romantic partner/boyfriend”, will apparently be so stunned by the confrontation, that he is speechless, thereby leaving a huge miscommunication. I am then forced to watch 2 hours of BS before they get it resolved. Why must it be this way? It totally is. It’s imbedded into the female brain and men, once put in the panic zone, start to talk and  just make things worse and worse. Men don’t think before they speak when they are in panic mode. Women, on the other hand, never stop thinking.

We are always prepared for what they might say, could say, want to say, won’t say. There is no way a man can be ready for what he is talking into. Yes.. I said talking into. Why does this happen over and over again? Why can’t we learn from our experiences? I am not only talking about men but women also. It’s this cycle but it’s like a roundabout that you can’t quite time the exit correctly. You see it coming.. you have your signal on… you are ready but once you get to that point where you need to make the move, you fall into rhythm of the driver in front of you. You can’t look away and you just keep driving in the circle. You follow. Big mistake.

It’s hard to make that turn. Why is that? You want to. Everyone at some point wants to but they just can’t. Whether it be outside influences or just sticking with what is familiar, you just don’t, even when you know it will hurt you. Atleast it’s predictable and you are used to dealing with it?

FYI..As always, remember I tend to just go on and I am only speaking out of my own ass, not everyone else’. I’m just frustrated. Men aren’t psychic. Women don’t know everything and the most romantic love stories are the ones where one dies. Take a peak at every Nicholas Sparks book. If one of them lived, they would end up divorced and/or hating each other. One of them has to die. It’s the only way



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