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2016 LGBT Language Lesson

Don’t be left clueless at the party!


Welcome to 2016! It is a new year and with every new year comes new lingo. Some of our best day/night times out take place in WeHo. Don’t end up pretend laughing at something you don’t understand or be embarassed by having to ask, what does that mean? When you visit a foreign country, you try to learn the language right?

Let’s start with the basics

Top                                          The penetrator

Bottom                          The receiver

Vers                                           You like both of the above

Slam Piece                           Casual sex    Otherwise known as booty call/fuck buddy/one night stand/tryst/road gig/piece of ass

Fruit Fly                                 A straight girl who loves to gay men

Gold Star Gay                     A gay man who has never slept with a woman

Platinum                                A gay man who has never been near a vagina, he was even born by C-section, zero connection to vagina

FF                                                 Fist fuck

PNP                                             Party and play  Doing drugs and having sex

Unicorn                                   A bi-sexual woman who wants to be in a 3 way with another girl and a guy. They are supposed to not exist, hence the unicorn but I feel pretty confident they do

Size Queen                     Gay man looking for a partner who is basing his choice mainly on the size of his penis. I have one comment… Ditto

Dairy Queen                         A black gay man who loves white gay men

Rice Queen                            Not to hard to guess, a gay man who is into asians

Twink                               A young, gay, hairless, fem boy

Otter                                 A small but hairy gay man

Bear                                  A big, hairy, gay man

Rosebud                           A torn up asshole, literally

Side                                   A gay man who enjoys all aspects of intercourse except anal penetration

Shade                                Making fun of someone and usually they don’t even know it

Kiki                                    A meet up for a laugh, best friends will have a kiki

Spilling The Tea              Spill gossip, share what’s going on. Want to have a kiki and spill the tea?

Pillow Princess               A lesbian who will receive sex and/or oral but won’t give it

Fishy                                 A drag queen who is very feminine

Kai Kai                             Two drag queens together engaging in sexual activity

Clock                                            Can’t quite figure someone out. You can’t clock them


Felch                                             Sucking semen out of someone’s asshole and then kissing them with it


I am sure I have missed some so feel free to message me any that you feel should be added to the list.









Still confused? Learning a new language is always tough. Perhaps today, use one in a sentence. Do that every day and pretty soon it will come naturally!

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