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Eavesdrop On True Convos Between Women Part 1.. The Male Ego

Lately anytime I am ready to write a blog about something I make the mistake of checking Yahoo first. There always seems to be a political story or tragic happening that instantaneously changes my mood. My humor and sarcasm get thrown out the door and I am not able to get back to taking things lightly. After some time that passes but I can’t seem to get back to the place I was and so there is no blog.

IT SUCKS! I am going to try something new. This is a real conversation between women. I will not use real names. It could be helpful to men if they take the time to read it but lets be honest.. if it is more than four sentences, they probably won’t. Let me introduce you to Ethel and Lucy (no relation to I Love Lucy)

mens ego

 Ethel..  I met this guy, an engineer, on this dating site. He only had a few pictures so I asked him why. He responded by sending me a pic of him at the gym, of course!,        with no shirt on. He was all sweaty and muscular. I told him girls like me, who have it all together and are successful, pass on profiles like that because it screams come fuck me. I asked him if that was what he was looking for. Did he just want to play? He said no, he was just looking but mentally not even in a place to be able to have a relationship right now. He’s going through a divorce. I told him to not be that guy that does the selfies like every other guy. I said post pics of you jumping out of a plane or fighting off a bear or something. He told me he was going to remove the picture and that it was what he thought I wanted, the shirtless, sweaty pic. He then removed the pics, sent me some regular, boring pictures and said I hope that will suffice. I haven’t heard from him since.

Lucy..  Lol! Poor guy. He will be scratching his head for awhile now trying to make sense of what he did wrong. If he’s not ready for a relationship than he just wants to fuck around anyways. He should go on Tinder.

Ethel..  I know. I feel bad because he is wondering what he did wrong. I’m sure I could have delivered it a little gentler but I basically said dude don’t be that guy. Everybody is that guy. Be original. But you know what? When I saw the picture he sent me, all half naked, I was like really? You are just like all the rest and it’s annoying.

Lucy..  It was good you told him. He can’t play both sides. He shouldn’t have or look for a relationship anyways. It’s too soon.

Ethel..  He might as well send me a dick pic. Even from the beginning he was telling me how hot women are in uniforms. That’s not what I want to hear. I know I am but don’t tell me that ;)

Lucy..  He was trying to use compliments to get some dirty talk. He doesn’t know what to say or do. He not ready to understand what you told him anyways

Ethel..  He’ll figure out what the single life is like and he will get the young stupid girls that will do the sex texting. Then, one day, he will get the ones like me who will be like, seriously?  Don’t be a douche. It just isn’t my thing. I don’t know if that makes me prudish or mature and wise. His opening was Hi Sweet Love, Hot Woman with an edge. You are sexy as fuck. I decided to just chat and hope. The conversation was actually really good until he sent me the sweaty shirtless photo and then I had to roll my eyes and thought.. another player.

Lucy..  Lol. Part of me would want to fuck with him. The other part would want to insult him.

Ethel..  I guess I sort of did insult him and now he won’t respond to my last text.  I mean, I probably wouldn’t have dated him anyways. He lives far away from me but I was enjoying the conversation.

Lucy..  Don’t beat yourself up. The more he chatted with you, the more confident he got. This was followed by arrogance so he thought he could get away with saying more. He dug his own hole.

Ethel..  I hurt his feelings and made him confused. He feels like he did something wrong.

mens fragile egoLucy..  He will be okay. Trust me. He will chat with his buddies and they will convince him to continue to being an ass (they will say it was you not him). He will keep trying. At a point with his game he will attract those young, hot,  girls he has fantasized about. They will be with him for the drinks and great meals. At some point he will realize that. Then he will hate all women. He will be that guy at the bar who is miserable and bitchy. Never his fault, always theirs. One day he will see people/couples pass him. He will see that some of his “ideas” and “advice” from his buddies was bullshit. All of a sudden it will hit him. He will remember what you said. It will make sense. Orrrrr he won’t and he will be scratching his head and balls all by himself for a very long time.




This may not make sense. This may sound crazy but this is a real conversation. The advice or ideas may be bullshit, and you may disagree. Feel free to comment, make suggestions. I will pass it on to Ethel and Lucy.

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