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Guy Punches Girl, That’s Okay! No Big Deal!

Security? Serve and Protect? Ya OK!


girl punch

Being in that 1% where if it has never happened, it will happen… to me or around me, isn’t always fun. I joke about it sometimes but last night was NOT funny. It was quite the opposite.
It was meant to be a night full of fun and drooling. A way to end the weekend on a high, not with a swollen lip. The place was packed, like over capacity kind of packed. Even standing along the sides you couldn’t move and considering most got to the show drunk, there was moments of tension.

I decided to wait by the side. That way the girls could find me. There was no way they would find me anywhere else. We decided this was the best spot and within 10 minutes we were squeezed in. There was barely any space to hold my beer! Security did what security does. He stood there looking tough, unwilling to be engaged in any conversation and by his facial expressions, making it obvious how much he hated his job. You take the good and the bad so when someone needed to get out of the gated area, we tried to back up the best we could, everyone did, considering there was no where to go. You had to be blind to not see that it might take a minute. Well one man did not see it that way.

I can only say what I saw. It is up to others to share the details. I am not using names, partly because I don’t know a couple, and partly because I think it is up to them to do what they want to do. All I know is, with everyone getting on 50 Shades of Grey, saying it encourages rape and makes it look okay, it’s a movie! Look at my review of the book over a year ago! I mean after Pretty Woman, ladies fantasized about being a hooker, being saved by a rich man and going shopping on Rodeo Dr. They were movies! Bitch all you want but if no one is going to change anything when things happen in real life, how the fuck is complaining about a movie going to influence anyone?
We are standing, the man wants to get out. This guy is obviously pissed. He isn’t security, he has a pass hanging around his neck and not very tall so he must carry some weight to have the attitude he did, being that size. He starts shoving the gate to open, not caring that everyone is trying to move back. He shaking the gate in a fit of anger because you know, in situations like that, it really helps. All of us are looking at him like he’s an asshole (because he is!) Next thing I know I see he hand, from my side view, pass across her face and he rams the gate open. Everyone is furious and shocked. The guy next to me, “Oh my God! Did you see that? He punched her in the face! I can’t believe it”. Girl behind me, “Are you fucking kidding me? He punched her in the face! That’s bullshit!” I’m not talking one or two people, I’m talking everyone around us, everyone saw it and everyone offered to sign witness statements. The women were appalled and the guys were disgusted. I look over and see the weasel walking back towards us but stopping just short. The crowd started yelling at him and he’s like, “I did not punch her. I pushed her away. Grow up Bitch!”, in a British accent. He was even smirking like it was a joke. BTW Dickwad, pushing a girl in the face is not okay as well! Security doesn’t do shit. None of them know who the guy is or wants to get involved. One guy has to leave so I ask for his number. He offered to sign a statement. He looks over at the guy, then the stage, and then was like, “No, I don’t think I can do that”. What? Are you worried you might not be allowed to any of his shows anymore? Worried the band won’t like you? If he is the manager, will he not think you are cool? You would be a bad fan? Wtf! Pussies!

We went to look for someone who could do something. My friends mouth was starting to hurt. It was like she was in a state of shock. Every person we asked who worked there, shrugged their shoulders. They didn’t care, they wanted to part of it. This is a grown man, punching a girl in the face, and not one employee or security guard cared. What does that tell you?! What does that tell this woman, all of us women?



She calls 911 but they don’t come so we approach cops that are monitoring the parking lot. She starts to explain what happened but you can tell by his face he thinks it isn’t a big deal. He explains that taking a statement will take a lot of time and more than likely nothing will happen. She tells him that she has all these witnesses. There is no way it could be said that nothing happened. “Everyone saw him do it”. Cop, ” You know what, I don’t see any marks on your face, it looks okay. I would just let it go.” Okay, I can’t say for sure he said, let it go, but it was along that line. He was sitting there discouraging her. I knew he wasn’t going to do anything. Like I have any faith in the judicial system! I tell her it is probably better to wait until tomorrow (today) when she can speak to someone who will possibly care. That way the shock of it will wear off and she will have a clear mind and know what to do. I also figured the anger would sink in, not just about the guy but also about every other security person/police officers that brushed off the fact that she got punched in the face. A determined woman can be very powerful. She woke up today with a fat lip, gums bleeding.

What is my point? Quit bitching about a movie that is so obviously fake. It’s not real life. Take the money away he is a stalker! An Asshole! An Abuser! And an amateur when it comes to BDSM. It is an insult to that genre. What you should be bitching about is that fact that a girl who was at a show, got punched in the face by a man, with witnesses all around who are willing to sign statements, and every single man there, in a position of “authority”, there to help us, did absolutely nothing! What does that say? What does that say to a young girl who hears this story? Do you think if she ever gets hit by a man she is going to call the police?

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