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Chop! Chop! Chop up those Carrot Danglers!

ass with carrot


I HATE those Carrot Danglers!

Take a look at my picture. See the ass? See the ass dangling the carrot? That is pretty much how I visualize this category of men in real life..

You know the guy. The guy who has money so he feels he is entitled to being treated better than everyone else. The guy whose ego is so big that it is actually more that an eggshell that I would love to crack and scramble for breakfast. Some are hard boiled, some are so fragile that one tap will fuck them up big time!

This man in particular feels women need to earn his attention. He feels with that much money they should be kissing his ass. Well unless you are putting that money in an envelope and mailing it to me, what do I care!

He will buy them things, but only things he wants. He will expect them to look perfect because he feels he deserves nothing less. Go against his instructions or disagree.. you are out! He also believes you will regret it for years.. but you won’t.

carrot danglerThey try to get the elite women but can’t. This woman knows that just because he has a dick doesn’t mean he can be a dick. They know that he isn’t doing them any favors really by taking them to an expensive restaurant and parading them around like he’s the big man. They know that dinner is for him, not them. Unfortunately the women the carrot danglers tend to get the vulnerable ones who are concerned about their financial situation. They are scared and depressed and make the decision out of desperation not for anything else. These men can be very cold. They have no remorse and everything is your issue, not his problem. You must stay away from these assholes. That’s what they are. Play by his rules or you are out of the game. They have no clue about women so I am assuming that her being able to have an orgasm doesn’t happen and you know what? He couldn’t care less, as long as he has one.

male asshole

He will never financially help you out. As far as he’s concerned, you haven’t earned it and he has so not ever gonna happen. He will require a lot of ego stroking which is exhausting but don’t expect any for yourself. You will only be sufficient not perfect in his eyes. Going out with him is doing you a favor. Anything he does that may seem kind, he expects something back. He will loan his mother money but probably charge her interest. Not a high interest but interest just the same. He will never understand how clueless he is. He will never understand that when women who have even a little bit of their shit together see a very sad man who will end up alone eventually and generally pity him. Most of these men never learn. Have I ever been around this type? Umm.. yes! And I hate that persona and they hate mine. I cannot keep my mouth shut. Especially when someone says stupid shit and pretty much everything out of their mouth is stupid shit. So let’s CHOP! CHOP!  

Let’s chop those carrots and throw them in the food processor and grind them down to nothing. I guess I should have known that I would feel this way. I mean I only really liked my carrots roasted.

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