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Men Who Cry & Flirting Way To Front Row Of Def Leppard

Men Who CryMy heat press is warming up. I still have a bunch of shirts I need to make for Sunday. I’ve been so busy trying to do everything and cover all of my bases that I haven’t even had a chance to go and buy myself more like a WEEK! I had a booth for the chili cook-off in June at Cooks. Can I just say that I had no idea tequila is the drink of choice. All the competitors were pounding back shooters non-stop! Sales weren’t good but after a few shots of patron, who cares. Definitely a fun crowd! Good practice for this weekend. I better see all your ass’ there!

About Men Who Cry

I was watching this movie…and of course a tragic scenario but in the scene a man cries. Now I have no idea why! But this makes me want to smack him and call him bitch. It’s terrible! I know! I was like, “why do I feel that way?”. I went back to my youth. There was that one bf who cried but that was out of guilt. I found out he cheated on me. A*^HOLE! I remember when I found out I played All Fired Up by Pat Benetar over and over. Maybe I associate it with guilt? Nope. Weakness? I think that could be it. When did I become the man? I did my own research and I am not the only woman who feels this way. There is just something about the tears..the I need lots of cuddling..can’t we just caress each other crap that feels like nails on a chalkboard. Have I been that deterred from love? When I first moved here and finally started dating, I didn’t feel this way. I think there were sneak peaks though. One guy writing me a love poem and leaving a set of the Detroit Red Wing bobble-heads at my door, after one date. Ya…that freaked me out. See ya! The 20 calls the day after guy..Go Away!

Flirting My Way To Front Row Of Death Leppard Concert

There was that Def Leppard concert where I flirted our way to front row and agreed to a date with security to lock it down. He never spoke but was mildly attractive so hey.. The BIGGEST mistake of my life. That was the only date I have ever been on where I wanted to make a run for it. I wanted to just bail although I did learn I love Black Crowes. He used his security pass for parking, then to get in, to try and get drinks. I mention I am hungry, he says nothing so I go and buy myself something. He asks for a bite. His voice? Eight octaves higher than any woman you know and his stories about his ex gf..anyways! That is where I met the cowboy (wore a cowboy hat). He seemed cool. Agreed to a date with him. Dinner was nice, driving to the next spot..He put on Incubus (which I discovered I loved on that date) and proceeded to start singing really belting it out and swaying his head back and forth. I’m watching going, “wtf! Why do I meet these people”.

The Tears Begin

Then the tears start to flow and he puts on Oil & Water and tells the story of his past true love. I wanted to punch him across the jaw (I was sitting in the passenger seat) and ask him when he planned on finishing up the final stages of his sex change operation since pretty much everything about him was a pussy. He might as well have one. It went downhill from there. Although he did point out it wasn’t his mother that actually killed his stepfather, she had someone else do it. Perhaps because of all of these situations, I can’t handle a man who cries. I can at a funeral..don’t get me wrong! but if you are looking for a hug and a “it’s going to be okay”, it will not come from me. You are supposed to be a grown up and if you are crying over a f’ing love song how the hell am I ever going to be able to look at you for support? Maybe at the hairdressers or nail salon but that’s it. Go put on a wedding dress, stare at yourself in the mirror and say 100 times, “I love myself” cause if I see you on the street? I am beating your ass!

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