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Ladies Who Ride ’12 | Photos


Ladies Who Ride Event PosterThere was no way I couldn’t take time out to thank those amazing people out there who helped out at the Ladies Who Ride ’12 and did it all free!

I love how in the world today, there are still so many wonderful people, who volunteered their time, for this event. AND did an amazing job!

First… I will be posting pictures from the event, within the next couple days. One of the photographers, had been working non-stop, late hours, but still took the time to come and shoot everyone. She took some incredible shots and I would definitely recommend her . She has a great eye and can capture a woman, like no other. Personally on my site, you know I don’t do photoshop. These are real women and they look hot as is. No touch ups required. DeAnna took all the photos and her company is Too Damn Beautiful. If you have always wanted to get some gorgeous shots done..she is the one! She books quickly so it is best to plan ahead. You just have to check her out! Thank you sooo much!

When I found out the hairdresser from last year couldn’t help out this year, I was worried. I had no idea what to do until I remembered a lady I met before at Cooks Corner who was pretty cool and a hairdresser. I had her card, contacted her and she jumped on it. Great cause! Great place. Well let me tell you that she exceeded my expectations and all of the girls. She came in prepared, with her daughter assisting and there wasn’t anything she couldn’t do. She was up for everything! Loved! Loved! Them! Salon Synergy.. I want to thank Liz White. You kicked ass!

Of course! Rhonda at Cooks Corner… Julie at Biker Warehouse who provided all of the chaps, vests, everything along with the accessories all the girls were wearing. I worked with her last year and she is the most phenomenal women I know. I adore her and respect her so much! I also have to thank Karyn who worked the booth. I’m glad she has been working on her ability to handle alcohol and Jack Daniels. He inspired all the ladies and helped boost their self confidence. Not a lot of men out there who can do that! And how about Naughty Nancy? She was a HUGE hit. There were a couple other girls that she works with that helped out from Loft Ensemble located up in LA. The last Friday of every month they have an Event called Loft After Hours. It is hysterical and I am there every month. They also do a lot of amazing plays and performances that you need to check out Last but certainly not least! Best until last..Lauren Powers. You participating in my show.. was such a boost. Your support..AmazeBalls!

So much help and support. You have no idea. If you ever have an occasion…these are the people to contact. As I continue to post, anyone I have forgotten, I will mention as I go along. Thanks to all my beyotches! You guys rock!

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