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Nooners In November | Good Customer Service

Favorite Phrase I Have Used This Month:  I am ALL about customer service! Sexy HalloweenJust talk to any of the men I have slept with.

It is my birthday month so I have taken a few days to come up with a theme. Too busy being self-absorbed in my increasing age, inability to continue to lose weight and eat Big Macs and acknowledge that I can’t drink tequila shots that match the age of the birthday anymore. Actually..that one probably happened a few years ago but since I don’t remember, it doesn’t count. One of my “rules”. If you don’t feel it, don’t remember it, are out of country (HEY! I adapt for loved ones!), if I didn’t get your name… well..never happened
I know my rules are “SILLY” but they work for me. Yes, I make them up at times, as I go, but hey! You have your ten commandments so no diff!

Supporter Of Booty Calls

I have always been a supporter of “booty calls“. So much that I don’t actually use the quotation marks in text (only doing that for the newbies benefits). I know there are alot of people on the same page as me, the difference is, “I” believe there is a strict regime of rules that need to be followed for this relationship to work.  Now I know I may not be the BE ALL/KNOW ALL but I will say that my booty calls (no quotations needed) are my longest relationships. It’s like hiring a guy for a job cause you like what is serves it’s purpose but if you try to put too many expectations on him, you KNOW he is going to fuck up. So why not let him do what he is good at and not allow him  to fail. It’s kind of like a self-esteem builder. Once again..I am only thinking of others. It eliminates having to “fire him”, “find a replacement” or giving him a “performance evaluation”. That stuff is never fun..that is why there must be rules. It’s important to pick someone that you know you would kill if you ever had to date him. This helps alot. Not in the, detest the even thought of a glimpse but more like I want to hit him but I also want to f’ him…maybe if he is gagged it will work?  The woman sets the tone and initially the man will never believe it, too good to be true. You will make your point as long as he uses his “point” in a pleasurable way for you. No personal talk. No emotional talk. No hanging out or catching one drink. He can call/text, say he is up for it, but are you? Once done, he needs to be out, literally! immediately! although if he has been around for awhile and you feel confident no wires are crossed, for personal pleasure if an overnighter is avail. go for it.

Who Cares?

The appeal to women in this is also that they can things they never normally would do..because there is no consequence. What if he doesn’t call..who cares. What if he finds out..who cares. AND if your drunk and in a pissed off mood, you can send them the meanest, naughtiest, worst text ever! and the great thing is the minute you call them for a visit, that text is gone, never happened. They don’t care, as long as you don’t care. I know to some it may sound wrong but do they seem seriously happy to you? Do they seem sexually satisfied? Are there really that many men crying out there on the streets over the fact that they are being used for sex? Looking at it from another angle, it’s kind of like an honor. You certainly aren’t going to be chosen if you don’t “thrive” under these occasions. It always goes back to the same thing. MAKE YOURSELF HAPPY because nobody else could. AND if you are looking for that you will never be happy with it. Don’t change who you are..what you like..ask my friends! Have I answered the door dressed as a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader? YES! A stewardess? YES! Scheduled a wig night for no particular reason? Hells Ya! Who cares if people laugh, it’s out of envy. Who cares if they put you down, it’s out of jealousy. Ya gotta like yourself and any man brought into that…is going to be in for the best ride of his life! BTW! NOBODY GAVE ME ALCOHOL FOR MY BIRTHDAY! WTF! I got it myself! And you know what? Nobody got laid either. Co-incidence?

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