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2 Condoms For My First Orgasm | Hitting Home Runs

TheAssGirl HuggingI know! I know! Orgasms? How predictable! Trust me, being the scorpio I am, I tried desperately to come up with something else. I did not want to make it easy. I am a stubborn, pain in the ass (when I’m not wearing my…) Wait! What was I saying? Oh yea, orgasms. I thought about “obstacles” or “off-hands” or “occurrences”. None of them inspired a theme for me. Odd how they could not beat out “orgasms” in my mind. Anyways, what it did remind me of was my “first” time (OUCH!). I struggle to find any female to state otherwise. Yes, making him wear 2 condoms was a bit over the top but I didn’t want to get pregnant! And how was I supposed to know if you didn’t enjoy it, things would not go very “smoothly”. Lots of quotations this month. So! Like every other girl I remember every detail..the song playing on the cassette player (Tears For Fears-The appropriate), the place (where I was babysitting.

Got busted when the condoms were found in the bathroom trash can (he was a football player…so maybe not the brightest), and how the whole time I was thinking,”Why do people like this?”. Was NOT what I thought. The next day believing people could tell.

He tried to talk but I stopped him.

The peer pressure alleviated but now cursed with the “virgin brain damage”. That problem where you let the guy you first sleep with treat you like shit. He can cheat on you, rarely call, be a complete jackass and you will still be there. It’s a sad disease that can take a long time to get cured. On the other hand I also remember the first time I had an orgasm. Now THAT was GREAT! We were working at Bob-Lo (don’t ask) and I was dating the guy with the red mustang. He let me drive it and I had no license. We went to #^gie’s house (her mom was rarely home), with all our bfs meeting us there and at one point as I was on top it happened.

Bragging About My Orgasm

The most AMAZINGLY, WONDERFUL, INSPIRING, MIRACLE, I had ever experienced. He tried to talk but I stopped him. I was like like “Wait a minute!”. I was running for home plate and nobody was stopping me. Once I was there..OMG! In my mind, “This is why everyone is doing this! It finally makes sense!”. The guy thought he had done something really amazing but in reality I did all the work. But hell, I didn’t care. I had a perma grin and couldn’t wait for him to leave! Why? Because I was still a girl and wanted to tell my friends all about it! Funny how we grow up, become women, priorities change…but you know what? Til this day, if I have an amazing orgasm, I want to tell my gfs all about it. It’s like this gift, that I have been given. Since that day, back then, I haven’t stopped running for home base since.. Nothing..NOTHING! feels better than a home run!

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